Benefits of Omega-3 for Heart Health

When it comes to heart health, omega-3 fatty acids are a superstar nutrient that you definitely don’t want to overlook. These essential fats, found in fish, fish oil supplements, and some plant-based sources like flaxseeds, have been shown to have a host of benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system.[…]

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Catalyst 4 Fitness Omega-3 Fish Oil

Choosing a Protein Bar

Choosing a protein bar can be overwhelming. There are different flavors, textures, and sizes. There are some that are sponsored by celebrities, others backed by thousands of dollars in marketing, and still others made by small businesses that are trying to connect with each of their customers. They are named[…]

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questions and answers when choosing a protein bar

Easy Meal Planning

Easy meal planning sounds like a paradox but it isn’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else plan your meals, count your calories, track your macros, and create your grocery list? We think so too, and will do this for you. Swipe to accept the meal suggestion, or you[…]

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EatLove Meal Feed by Catalyst 4 Fitness

The New Corporate Wellness

There is a new corporate wellness expectation that has in part come about as a result of covid-19, and it affects our health and as well as our behaviors. A Brief History of Workplace Wellness 1760 – the Industrial Revolution began and employers were not bound by laws governing the[…]

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Corporate Wellness Icons

Press Release – Catalyst Bar Launches

Cincinnati, Ohio— January 31, 2022 — Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Cincinnati-based Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched a new line of meal replacement bars called the Catalyst Bar. Chamberlin’s work as a certified personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach led to the creation of the bar. “I realized there is a[…]

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Press Release announcement

What is a Meal Replacement Bar?

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine that mimicked conversations I have every week. I call them “AHA” moments, and I’m sharing it to help you make better decisions for you and your family. I’m going to explain what is a meal replacement bar. Why are Catalyst[…]

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Catalyst Bar - Meal Replacement Bar