Anabolism: The Building of Your Body

Anabolism is a magical process that makes things bigger and more complex. It’s the foundation of growth and repair in all living organisms, from the smallest bacteria to the largest whales. In humans, it helps us build muscle, bone, and other tissues. Anabolism in Action Anabolism works by taking small,[…]

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The process of anabolism shown with molecules and adenosine triphosphate

Foods to Help Menopause

Menopause is a natural process for every woman, and learning about foods to help menopause can make it smoother and less stressful. Nutrition Updates for a Balanced Diet Boost Healthy Fats Intake Incorporate more Omega-3 rich foods like salmon, avocado, and flaxseeds into your diet. Healthy fats contribute to hormone[…]

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White platter with a variety of healthy foods surrounded by small bowls of nuts, berries, and other nutritious foods

Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

The benefits of natural peanut butter is why it is superior to every other type of peanut butter.  What is Natural Peanut Butter? Natural peanut butter contains one or at most two ingredients: dry roasted peanuts or dry roasted peanuts and salt. If there is any other ingredient, such as[…]

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Open jar of natural peanut butter surrounded by shelled peanuts

Plant-Based Protein Benefits

Meatless products are gaining a lot of attention in the news. But why? What are plant based protein benefits? The answers to this question fall into two categories – health and environment. What are the health benefits of plant based protein? Lower saturated fat than meat-based protein foods Lower risk[…]

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chickpeas, nuts, and vegetables are food sources that give you the advantages of plant-based protein

Vegan Protein Sources

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach, I’ve noticed that many of my vegetarian and vegan clients struggle to consistently consume adequate protein each day. Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle, which is crucial for optimal performance in the gym and activities of daily life. Benefits of[…]

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Energy Gummies

Energy gummies can give you more than just an energy boost before your workout. They can be a mid-morning pick-me-up to keep you moving until lunchtime, or a great go-to when you feel that afternoon slump coming on. As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach, I know that my clients[…]

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