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Proper nutrition is key to reaching your goals. Even if you are working hard in the gym, if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs, your progress will be slow or even non-existent. When you know the correct number of calories, and the amount of protein, carbs, and fat that you should be getting each day, you will reach your goal and look and feel your best! Online Nutrition Coaching is for you if you answer “yes” to any of these:

  • Do you want the benefits of a working with a registered dietician but can’t afford to meet with one on an ongoing basis?
  • Do you want to have control over the foods you are eating?
  • Do you have food allergies or food intolerances?
  • Do you prefer or need to follow dietary restrictions such as intermittent fasting, paleo, low glycemic, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, or others?
  • Do you have health concerns like high cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke prevention, or glycemic management?
  • Do you want to build muscle and lose fat?
  • Do you have a child between the ages of 4 and 18 who needs help in learning how to eat right to prevent weight problems and health concerns as they get older?
  • Do you want to continue using high quality Supplements while improving on your current eating habits?
  • Do you want to continue using Fresh Food Delivery because of its great taste, high nutritional value, and convenience but want to bring your meal planning to the next level?
  • Do you want to have your weekly grocery lists printed automatically?
  • Do you want to manage all of this through your desktop or mobile app?

If you said “yes” to at least one of these questions, Online Nutrition Coaching is for you!

What is included?

  • onboarding call
  • custom nutrition plan created by registered dietician
  • meal planning strategies
  • meal prepping tips
  • instant food substitutions
  • custom recipe database
  • progress reports toward reaching your goals
  • automated weekly meal plans
  • automated grocery shopping lists
  • email support
  • weekly fitness and motivational texts
  • bi-weekly support calls
  • mobile app
  • technical support


I asked for a Meal Plan created specifically for me because I have tried many diet plans that just haven't worked. I thought it would be easier for me to have a set meal plan each day on what I should be eating, and not what I think I should be eating. This plan has helped me understand portion size. Before starting the Meal Plan, I always felt guilty for what I had eaten. I enjoyed eating it at the time but afterwards made me feel guilty. Portion size meant nothing to me. This Meal Plan has shown me that food that is good for you can also taste good. This Meal Plan has helped me tremendously. I am in a routine now and I make everything ahead of time so it is ready the next day. No excuses. I feel good. I am learning that I don't need all that junk food to make me happy. I'm not as tired as I used to be. I feel a difference in my clothes and I don't have to take my heartburn medicine every day. I would recommend a Meal Plan to others because IT WORKS!!!

— Elsa B.

For the first week, I felt the Meal Plan was easy to follow and filling. I am on the 10th day of the Meal Plan and have noticed that a couple of pairs of pants seem to fit a little better. I feel more positive about myself. The Meal Plan helps me make smart choices. Planning/prepping meals the night before to take to work have been easier than I expected.

— Julie S.

I would like to thank you for your Metabolic Explosion Training classes and your Meal Plan. I thought I was in good shape but always knew I had been in much better condition some time ago. Being 47, I knew I needed to work harder to get back to not only where I was feeling good but better than I was before. I have seen guys my age and older that look and do things I did 30 years ago. Now it has only been 3 weeks but the greatest difference is in my diet. Your slogan "Abs are 70% Diet, 30% Gym" is no joke. I have more energy now that I am eating clean. The Meal Plan you designed for me has helped keep me going throughout my workouts and at play. I used to mountain bike two courses - a beginner course, then rest for 10 - 15 minutes while trying to catch my breath. Then I would start the advanced course and feel like I was going to die. In only 3 weeks of taking MET and following your Meal Plan, I was able to complete both the beginner and advanced courses without a break, and felt good afterwards. I could have gone another round but was limited on time. I am able for the first time to perform push ups while balancing on 4 medicine balls. And while I still have a week to go before I step on the scale, I feel stronger. I try and tell myself that same quote you have over your studio door, "It never gets easier, you only get better" and that is the truth. Thanks again for your knowledge.

— Kevin C.

I would recommend your Meal Plan to others because of the variety in options of food and it is easy to follow and to plan.

— Emily L.

Before starting your Meal Plan, I felt bloated and had no energy, now I feel so much better. It is easy to follow and filling. I don't feel bloated. My clothes are already feeling more loose....and it's only been 9 days! I would recommend your Meal Plan to others because it works!

— Andrea T.

I asked for a Meal Plan because I wanted to learn how to better fuel my body. Before I felt tired and bloated. Since following the Meal Plan I feel more energetic and less bloated. Preparing the food was much easier than I thought it would be. My stomach feels less flabby. I would recommend this to others because it is a great tool to learn how to fuel your body. It teaches you to create well balanced meals and snacks.

— Kelly C.

For the past two weeks since starting your Meal Plan, I am working out by taking Metabolic Explosion Training classes and eating right. I'm finally sleeping and have energy to get up every morning....Not sure that words are enough but Thank You for starting up your own business and taking a chance on something that you love to help. Your love for nutrition and exercise motivate others to do the same. Plus your understanding that not everyone is on the same fitness level is amazing too.

— Tamara

I initially asked for a Meal Plan because I am obese and my health was starting to worsen. I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Since following this plan, I feel healthy, I have more energy, I am losing weight, and I am proud of myself. I've lost 19 lbs. and 9" in the first two weeks. I would recommend this Meal Plan to others because it tells you what to eat and the food is good and "normal".

— Terry T.

I asked for a Meal Plan because I wanted to build more muscle and I didn't know how to feed my body correctly. In the first two weeks, I began feeling stronger and more energized, and my arms seemed more cut. I also found that the food prep was easier than expected. Now, after 6 weeks, I feel great! I can definitely tell my torso is slimming down while my arms and chest have become more defined. My workout partner says he can now see my back muscles when doing cables. I feel stronger and continue to lift heavier weights. Everything's going great!

— Sam S.

The basic online nutrition package has helped me balance out my eating, is giving me ideas for healthy snacks and meals, and is simple to use. I like the different meal plan options and the ability to swap out foods. This app is user friendly and super helpful!

— Michelle M.

I began Deluxe Online Nutrition Coaching because all of the other things I had tried doing on my own were not working...I have figured out that by staying on track I could potentially reach my goal by the end of December. That would be a great way to start the New Year! I haven't gotten there yet, but I am working on it, having lost around 15 to 17 lbs. in about 2 1/2 months has been a good rate I think. I have gotten pretty many compliments already on my weight loss which doesn't hurt either.  ;)  

— Susan B.

I signed up for Online Nutrition Coaching after participating in the New Year’s Transformation Challenge. I wanted to maintain my weight loss. I used the online system (mostly the app) to track my food intake which helped me figure out what foods and meals worked for me. I have kept the weight and inches off since completing the Challenge.

— Eileen H.

I opted for Online Nutrition Coaching to jump start my weight loss and start a healthier lifestyle. I wanted precise recipes and instructions on what to eat and when, and this is what I received. I found the software was very easy to use, and liked how you could choose substitutions (like for when I ran out of an item at home!). I also liked how it automatically generated a grocery list - it was a lifesaver, saving a lot of time and confusion!! I want to tell my friends and others who are looking for help with their nutrition – to lose weight, build muscle, or to learn how to eat better - that this is easy to follow and use.

— Angela P.

I think your online nutrition program is great, especially for someone that doesn't live in Cincinnati.  The app is great for knowing what is on my meal plan and letting me track my weight. The bi-weekly check in works great.  It allows enough time to see progress but isn't so frequent that I obsess over measurements and the scale.  And you are always very responsive to email questions when I have them. I can't believe I'm almost a year in and I'm keeping the weight off.  I'm not even getting on the scale much anymore because I can tell by how my clothes are fitting that I'm doing okay.  It keeps me from focusing too much on a number that might fluctuate from week to week.  I even bought this year's swim suits already - in a size 6!  Last year I was a 10/12. I say thumbs up!  You're doing a great job reaching clients that you might never (or rarely) see in person.

— Korie C.

I've just finished about 30 days following Sharon's program. I have lost 10.5 lbs. and 3.5" but more importantly I feel better and have more energy and my stomach is flatter! I was surprised that this plan is so easy to follow and I like that it allows you to exchange foods easily. I was nervous before starting it but it wasn’t difficult at all to figure out and make the meals fit my life.

— Sara S.

Time has always been my struggle. Working a full time job, being a mom to three active kids, and being a wife always presents time issues.  There is never enough time to food prep or plan healthy meal options, especially when you are living so much of your life on the go.   Previously, I had participated in other weight loss plans but they never felt sustainable to me. However this process is something I can continue to implement into my life, long term.  The program not only provides me with structure but also accountability, something I need!

Before I started working with Sharon, I felt frustrated knowing that I deserved more and with the right guidance could find an option that could work for me.  I was sad because of how much I weighed, ashamed that I couldn’t keep myself accountable and felt helpless in not knowing how to best help myself.

Sharon’s online program takes the guess work out and holds me accountable.  Additionally, it is easy and doesn’t require much additional time. Most importantly, I am losing weight, in a health way!  I am not hungry, I don’t have cravings and all of the guess work is gone.  This structure allows me options but comparable options that will help keep me on track to successfully achieve my goals.

Since following Sharon’s plan, I am never hungry and no longer crave “bad” foods - caffeine, sugar or carbs.  I like water again, something I haven’t liked in years and always find myself needing more of it.  My skin feels better, my knees and ankles hurt less and I am sleeping better.

If I were asked what I would tell others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would tell them: You can do it! Life is busy but when schedules die down and your kids are grown, you will still be here. Taking care of yourself and putting yourself first is the most important thing you can do for you AND your family.  My kids see the difference and are proud of me, in addition, my husband is supporting this lifestyle change and has joined in this effort, in his own way.  You don’t realize how unhealthy you are until you make a change and begin to see results, I feel better now than I have in years and I can’t wait to lose more.

Take baby steps. Before fully committing to Sharon’s meal plan, I took my own steps to help ease into it. I cut out caffeine, sugar and carbs.  Introducing the nutrition plan was the next easy step.

I’m most surprised at how much I have lost so far – 7 lbs. and 7” in just 4 weeks, how easy the meal plans are to follow and how much I look forward to eating them.

— Bethany W.

Before finding you, my biggest challenge was getting the right amount of macros each day. With your program I was able to correct that. It affected my life because I could not keep my weight steady. The program helped me to understand how to eat the right way. Life is easier now - eating better and learning to count my macros for my meals. I would like to tell people that with effort and a great coach, things can change and get easy for planning meals and maintaining weight. My biggest win from the program is learning how to eat better and maintain where I want to be. Thank you again for all your help. It was an amazing journey.

— Jason M.

Before working with Sharon, I was in a rut of eating too much as well as eating unhealthy foods on a daily basis. This was ingrained in my lifestyle and I didn't know how to begin to change. I've tried different things such as Weight Watchers and the Atkins diet which would give me very short term results but then I would go back to the old way of eating. This left me having trouble being energized, clothes would feel tight unless I upped the sizes with new ones, I had lower self esteem, and was always self-conscious of my weight.

With Sharon's program, in just 5+ weeks, I have lost 20 pounds and 10-1/2"! I feel great, have all but stopped drinking alcohol as well. I have reached a weight of under 200 pounds for the 1st time in at least 20 years and have energy and feel great about myself. I’m not self conscious about how I look, not afraid to wear tighter fitting clothes, and I also feel great all day long with energy to burn!

I would tell others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was that I basically flipped the switch and made the change within a weekend. Eating and exercising change was made instantly. I was concerned with the meals, mainly the portion sizes but was surprised that I really didn't miss anything about what I am eating. Also, when you start to see results, it snowballs into wanting to lose more weight and more inches.

My biggest win so far is getting under 200 pounds and seeing the before and after pictures, I look at them now all the time, that is a great motivator.

— Jack M.



Sharon is a great overall motivator.  She is knowledgeable about fitness and is willing to pass that knowledge on to others.  The MET Class workouts are always different, which makes them fun and challenging since you never know what you are going to walk into.  This is the first plan I have tried where I attend classes on a regular basis and have a Meal Plan.  Although I was skeptical at first, this Meal Plan has been so easy to follow, and that is coming from a person who does not like to cook. In 8 months I have lost 31 lbs and overall 29 inches. Could not have done it without your programs and support. Sharon's programs are right for you if you want someone to motivate and improve your lifestyle, energy, and strength levels.  Start your fitness plan today. All you have to do is take that first step which is the hardest. Talk to Sharon as she will listen and find the best fitness plan for you.

— Tamara R.



The food on the Meal Plan is easy to prepare and is easy to follow. I'm learning portion control and healthy eating habits.

— Jennifer B.

Before starting the Meal Plan I felt dissatisfied with my appearance, bloated, and lacking in energy. Now I feel much more energized. I'm finding I enjoy foods that I used to shy away from. I'm also feeling less bloated than before. After just two weeks, I began noticing some small changes in and around my waist, which is where I am carrying the majority of the weight I'd like to lose. I thought I would be hungry all the time...but I'm continually surprised by how much food I get in each meal. The Meal Plan is not complicated. The meals are straightforward and don't require any odd ingredients. I've lost 10 lbs. and 7” in about a month. I'm thrilled! I can't believe how much better I feel. I wore skinny jeans yesterday that were relaxed fit because I've lost so much weight. I'm going to have to go shopping for smaller work pants soon!

— Korie

I had been unsuccessful in losing weight following other low calorie menu plans on my own. I felt very frustrated and discouraged at the lack of progress. Since following the Meal Plan for 2 weeks, I feel optimistic that I can reach my goal.  I have seen the scale go down 5 pounds, but I am trying not to focus on that, just on the fact that the scale is moving down and results are always motivating.

— Lynne D.

I asked for a Meal Plan created specifically for me because I began to travel for work and was gaining weight. Before starting it, I felt sluggish and uncomfortable. Now I am more active and am experiencing less knee pain. I've already noticed weight loss in my waist. I found this Meal Plan easy to stick to, even in the first week. Even breakfast is easier than I expected since I began using egg whites. I would recommend Meal Plans to others because it is easy to follow and gives you many food choices.

— Kim L.

Just had to share...Had a doctor's appointment this morning and the last time I was there, my a1c was borderline prediabetic.  With my weight loss since January and the boost I've gotten with your Meal Plan, I'm happy to say I'm no longer prediabetic. Great news! I also did some shopping this week. I had no Fall clothes that fit. I have a bin full of clothes from last year that are useless to me now. I know the most important thing is my health and I'm definitely happy about the changes I'm seeing in that area. I sleep better. My asthma is more in control than it has been in years. I have so much more energy and endurance. But I've always had a problem finding clothes I liked that fit me properly. This time last year, I was a size 20/1-2x. I just bought my first pair of size 12 jeans since I was a teenager. And I'm not going to say how long ago that was :)  It's a pretty great feeling.

— Katie J.

I initially asked for a Meal Plan created for me because I talked to people in my Metabolic Explosion Training class who were on the program and the feedback was amazingly positive. I had been picking and choosing parts of many nutrition programs to justify my eating habits and I knew I needed guidance. I've had my best success in life when someone is holding me accountable. Now when I think about cheating, it's like you're sitting on my shoulder and I end up making the right decision. Before the Meal Plan I felt sluggish. My energy was down and I felt indifferent about a lot of things. For the first week I felt the Meal Plan was really straight forward and I was surprised at how much food I was eating. In fact, on a few days it was hard to eat everything on the list. From the second week on it's become much more natural. Not only am I transforming how I eat but I understand why I am doing it. I'm starting to make educated substitutions to the meals and I really feel that this is a foundation of success. Since following the plan I'm amazed at how much more energy I have. Today, a vacation day, I have rearranged two rooms of furniture, including bringing two awkward shaped, 70 pound end tables down 13 stairs. I also cut an armoire that had been taking up space in my family room for two years in half using a manual saw, and carried it to the curb for the trash. The changes in my body have been measurable and mental. In two weeks I've lost close to three pounds and an inch off my waist. When I went to the pool (three times) this weekend I felt a lot more comfortable in my suit. I feel a lot better about myself. I have found the enjoyment of eating to be much easier than I expected. I've always looked at eating programs as restrictions on what you can eat. This is structured more as a lifestyle change. I'm actually eating more than I used to with the same caloric content. I would recommend the Meal Plan to anyone because it's not a diet or a fad. It's a way to adjust your eating habits and see results in a reasonable amount of time. It's not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change.

— Julie M.

There are so many confusing research studies out there that make my head spin.. eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, eat fruit, don’t eat fruit. So I thought getting a meal plan by a nutrition expert would calm my uncertainties. Before starting the Meal Plan, I was unmotivated, out of control and sluggish. The Meal Plan is awesome! Almost everything on there I already ate and liked, so putting them together at the right times was very satisfying. I put foods together that I never thought of and loved, like mixing cantaloupe with cottage cheese and walnuts with yogurt. It is easy to follow and satisfying. I’m proud of myself for doing so and feeling more energy.

— Anna P.

After my daughter was born in 2009 I did Weight Watchers. I was successful meeting my weight loss goal but it didn’t stick. The only reason I lost the weight was the hours of calculating and planning I did to figure out points. Not so realistic for the long term for me. I also didn’t care for their substitutions - lots of processed snacks that weren’t very appealing. Sharon’s Meal Plan seemed limiting at first, but as I got more comfortable and knowledgeable it got easier and easier, and has a lot of flexibility for preferences and hectic schedules. Since starting it, I've lost 30 lbs. My whole family eats on my plan and I haven’t had complaints! Sharon sets you up for lifelong success with her Meal Plans and exercise offerings.  It’s not about the instant gratification of being skinny,  it’s about healthy living....Update 3 years later: I am still 30 lbs. down. I have never regained the weight I lost!  

— Beth M.

Not long after trying Cross Training Circuits with Sharon, I started on one of her Meal Plans. Food had always been such a big part of my life, a source of comfort. I was afraid to give that up. I didn't want to be bored with my meals and I didn't want to have to make separate meals for my family.  The Meal Plan was more than enough food to keep me satisfied and there's quite a bit of variety included. I do end up having to cook two different meals some nights but I've learned how to plan ahead and meal prep in advance.  And I now even enjoy foods I never did before like salmon, oatmeal, and wheat germ.  In the past, I had tried Weight Watchers and counting points was annoying. Now, I have so much more energy and I can keep up with my busy boys. I went from a size 20 to an 8/10. Now I can fit my entire body in one leg of my old jeans.

— Katie J.

I would recommend this Meal Plan to others because it takes all of the guessing out of eating. It focuses your mind on exactly what goes in your mouth and when. It provides structure and takes away eating excuses.

— Kristi S.

After following Sharon's Meal Plan for a little while, I went out shopping yesterday for some things for Spring Break. I knew my shorts probably wouldn't fit from last summer (size 10) so when I went into the dressing room, I took in a 6 and an 8. To my surprise they were too big...I went out with a 4 and a BIG smile on my face.

— Angie M.

I tried Atkins.....that got the weight off quick but it did not stay off because who does not like bread. I tried online Weight Watchers but you can eat anything as long as you do not exceed the points. I may have lost weight but I was not eating enough of the right foods. I went to calorie counting with Fitness Pal but again it left decision-making to me without guidelines. I knew what the right choices were but I gave into temptations that used up the points or the calories. This Meal Plan works because there are guidelines that make sense. It takes into consideration your activity level along with reasonable goals. Filling your meal with the right foods reduces the temptations greatly!I was very hesitant myself but the results are proven. It works! It's not just another ridiculous diet but a way of eating and living. Eating healthy daily does have a positive impact. I was eating healthy 60% of the time before I began. Now I am 95%.....I still have some temptations but they are fewer and further apart because I am satisfied each day.

— Linda C.

Thank you for making trying on/buying pants enjoyable again! I'll admit I hate buying pants or shorts (which is one reason why I wear lots of skirts & dresses). But since I've been on your Meal Plan, well, I went to the Gap Outlet on Friday - and I ended up buying 6 pairs of pants - ALL IN ONE SMALLER SIZE!!

— Donna C.

I have struggled with portion sizes, and eating healthy all my life. The Meal Plan has been easy, structured. I feel successful, more energized, healthy, prepared, and accountable. My first 2 week weigh in was shocking for me - the Meal Plan worked wonders! Every other plan/diet has been a failure for me except this Plan. I am soooo thankful for you and I am still in shock by my progress from my weigh-in on Saturday. I don't think I have ever felt so proud of myself, and it is because of you. Thank you for your guidance and support! Can't wait to see how I progress!

— Amanda B.

Before starting the Meal Plan, I was working so hard in the gym, at Metabolic Explosion Training class, and at Cross Training Circuits but kind of leveled off as far as physical results. I knew I needed an extra boost. The first week of the Meal Plan was pretty amazing! I like the structure and the fact that I was never hungry but never stuffed after meals. Plus I liked everything I was eating. I now feel better about myself. I know that I'm eating food that is good for me and working toward a big goal - losing 20 pounds. That makes me proud, and it also helps me stay on track. I feel less bloated after eating. And my stomach doesn't LOOK bloated after I eat. I've also had some small changes in my measurements and weight that are encouraging. Slow and steady wins the race as they say! :) I have learned to prepare for unexpected work meetings or when I won't have access to a refrigerator by having protein powder and/or Quest bars on hand at all times, just in case so that I don't get hungry and give in to some junk that's being served at a work event. The Plan is overall easier than I expected. I had become so lazy in my eating habits - I was used to just eating whenever I felt like it. Thought I was generally a "healthy" eater, if I wanted a brownie, I ate a brownie. I was nervous about being more disciplined because it takes a lot of work. But having cheat meals to look forward to makes it easier and less intimidating. I would recommend Meal Plans to others because if you're committed to a healthy you and want real results, why not? It's not "easy" so if you think you're going to magically drop 20 lbs, think again. This is about a commitment to being healthier, and I would be able to do it if I didn't feel like I was willing to put the work in. You have to supplement with your efforts at the gym too! I am really happy so far and can't wait to see my progress as I go!

— Erika S.

Disclaimer: The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. They may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the program.