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Online Fitness & Nutrition

What Is Online Fitness & Nutrition?

Get the body you want while working out in your home, your gym, or when travelling. Your fitness program is created specifically for you – the type of workout, individual exercises, number of sets, rep count, and rest time in between sets. Your workouts are based on your fitness and health goals, your medical history, your exercise history, your fitness level, and your workout style preferences.

Following a structured exercise program with custom meal plans will help you with:

  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Improved Self-esteem
  • Increased Strength
  • More Endurance
  • Improved Balance and Mobility
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improving Your Overall Health!

What Should I Expect?

Expect this program to give you results. This is not a generic workout found on youtube or instagram that was created by a social media celebrity.

  • customized workouts for you
  • workouts based on the equipment, if any, that you have access to
  • proper form is demonstrated in videos to reduce risk of injury
  • designed by a certified personal trainer
  • modifications and progressions provided as needed
  • weekly accountability
  • effective in the short-term and long-term
  • results-oriented
  • progressive – as you improve, your workouts get harder

If you are serious about changing your body, nutrition is key. To help you reach your goals, custom meal plans are included at no additional cost.



What Do I Need To Know Ahead Of Time?

Choose the option that best fits you.

Silver Package

  • onboarding call
  • custom training plan with video instruction
  • training logs
  • custom nutrition plan
  • meal planning strategies
  • meal prepping tips
  • detailed progress reviews
  • email support
  • weekly fitness and motivational texts
  • bi-weekly support calls
  • mindset work
  • goal setting strategies and reviews
  • mobile app
  • membership to private facebook support group

Gold Package

  • onboarding call
  • custom training plan with video instruction
  • training logs
  • custom nutrition plan
  • meal planning strategies
  • meal prepping tips
  • detailed progress reviews
  • email support
  • weekly fitness and motivational texts
  • bi-weekly zoom video calls
  • mindset work
  • goal setting strategies and reviews
  • mobile app
  • membership to private facebook support group
  • training tips
  • bi-weekly zoom video assessments



My biggest struggle before working with Sharon was finding moderation in my diet. I recognized over-eating and fought it with calorie restriction, which led to big swings in my intake. This, in addition to the quality of what I was eating (easy food is often not particularly nutritious) was preventing me from reaching goals. This became my frustration, that I spent so much time and money working out and wasn’t getting the results I sought.

I work shift work and would often skip meals while working because I didn’t make it a priority. This led to a lot of binging after work, particularly in the late hours of the night. Again, it wasn’t healthy choices, either. This led to generally feeling unwell about that choice, as well as a lot of food guilt.

Regarding lifting, my frustrations about not meeting goals prevented me from trying. I didn’t do it because it wasn’t natural to me. I could run 10 miles but I wouldn’t bench press to save my life. This frustrated me a lot, because I wanted to encourage and foster total body strength but couldn’t “figure it out”, so I stopped trying to do things I wasn’t naturally good at.

Sharon’s online fitness and nutrition program has given me a ton of accountability. The workouts are straight forward and there are demonstrations of all of them. Supplemented with check-ins, there was a level of accountability that I didn’t offer to myself (or negotiated away).

Regarding nutrition, prior to this I didn’t cook. I didn’t prepare meals. I looked for any excuse to eat out. This program is teaching me moderation, portion control and clean eating. Again, the proof is in the pudding, and check ins are helpful to review what does and doesn’t work for my particular schedule.

Since starting her program, I have more energy. I’m not hungry at work. I don’t want to binge after late shifts. I’m developing an affinity for lifting and starting to see changes. I am drinking more water and less caffeine. I’m globally making healthier choices.

In 4 weeks, I have lost 8 lbs. and 5".

If I could give advice to others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would tell them this is worth trying. It’s certainly not going to hurt, and adding the component of accountability and the education around nutrition and strength training is not terribly intrusive but makes a huge difference.

Reach out. Sharon was incredibly receptive to my needs and was quick to respond to my questions. The set up didn’t take long and we were ready to go rather quickly.

— Adam V.

In the first two weeks of Online Nutrition, I lost 15 lbs. In the next three weeks, I lost another 22 lbs. for a total of 37 lbs. in 5 weeks!

— David H.

I asked for online workouts because I wanted to start incorporating strength training into my workout routine but wasn't really sure how to figure out the details like whether to lift heavy weight with low reps or lighter weight with higher reps, how to structure the workout (total body vs splits), etc. After talking with Sharon, we opted for an upper body / lower body split.  Right now I'm trying to do each once a week, along with one day of Boot Camp and one day of MET class. I liked that we discussed my goals, what kind of equipment I wanted to use, and that the workouts contained some exercises that were new to me.  Sharon demonstrated the exercises to make sure I knew the proper form for each since I would be performing these on my own. I recommend online workouts to anyone who wants or needs a little bit of guidance in their "out of studio" workouts.  With the ability to customize it, in terms of your goals and equipment, you really can't go wrong.

— Brian C.

My wife and I asked for online workouts to follow while we were on a cruise. It was helpful to have a plan. Over a 10 day vacation, we used them 5 times. I liked that they gave us a goal of what to complete each time.

— Ed S.

The online workouts are easy-to-follow work outs that can be completed anywhere.  I asked for my workouts to incorporate resistance bands. I found them to be very compact, and easy to travel with.  This is a good solution for someone with limited time.  

— Amy G.

I began using online workouts because I could no longer fit Core Strength class into my schedule. I've been doing the online workouts for a couple of weeks and I use them at home, and also while traveling for long weekends. I asked for mine to be designed to use dumbbells and I work harder than I expected...which I love. It's a quality workout and worth the time to sneak to the basement for a half hour and sweat! The best thing about online workouts is the flexibility.

— Beth M.

Since beginning Online Fitness, I have more energy and I feel more confident with myself. I am definitely losing inches. These workouts are perfect for those who are more comfortable working out at home, or someone looking for workouts that challenge you. It was also perfect for vacation! I did it every other day. I took my weights with me and worked out on the beach! Very convenient and effective! I can't wait for my next set of workouts.

— Tara H.

When my schedule changed this Spring, I had to drop one of my twice weekly Boot Camp classes and I needed to fill in that gap. Online workouts were perfect because they are convenient to do when my time is limited.  I had felt like my upper body was weaker than the rest of my body, and we focused on that. My goal is to be able to do 15 regular push ups with great form. The resistance bands Sharon recommended are awesome.  There is such a variety of exercises you can do with them at home or traveling.

— Shelley L.

I asked for a online workouts because I was going to miss quite a few classes and while it would be very easy to just skip exercising, I didn't want to get out of the habit of working out. I've worked hard over the past year and I don't want to undo that. I know myself well enough to know that without these online workouts, I would just put off seriously working out. They are the best way to stay on track. I recommend these to others because if you are committed to working out, you don't want to go backwards. This is a great alternative those times you cannot get to your regular classes.

— Leisa F.

Since I received my online workouts, I feel confident that when I go to the gym I know what I am doing! I would recommend these to others because it definitely gives you a great workout, hitting the entire body.

— Julie S.

I did my online workout for the first time this morning - an upper body workout - and it was great, definitely something I wouldn't have done on my own. Tomorrow I hit my lower body!

— Paul K.

Thank you so much for putting my online workouts together. I've had a long week and I had zero desire to workout  today but knowing I had a plan made it easier to get my rear end in gear. The upper body workout was just what I needed. I feel great tonight!

— Julie M.

In my first 14 days as an online client, I lost 5 lbs. and 1" from my neck. In 8 weeks, I lost lost 18 lbs. and 5" - 1" from my neck, 2" from my hips, and 2" from my chest.

— Dave

After one month of online fitness and nutrition, I lost 5 lbs. and 3.5" - 1" in my chest, 1/2" in my hips, 1" in my waist, and 1" in my neck.

— Margo C.

I have only good things to say about my experience with Sharon as I trained for and completed the half marathon. The workouts were very challenging and got me prepared. She kept up with my progress diligently and made sure I was taking care after workouts as well. I especially liked how she kept me accountable via Facebook with humor and toughness.

— Jenny W.

I actually lost a couple pounds between Christmas and New Year's instead of gaining 5 - 10 and starting the new year even further away from "healthy" as I have in years past. I've recommended your online program to a couple friends and wouldn't hesitate to do so in the future. Thank you!

— Mindi B.

In 5 1/2 months of online coaching, I've lost 35 lbs. and a total of 19".

— Andy G.

In 12 weeks of online coaching, I've lost 15 lbs, 3.5" from my waist, 3" from my hips, 2" from my chest, 1" from my neck, more than 1/2" from each bicep, more than 1" from each thigh, and 1/2" from each calf. Clothes are continuing to get bigger, which makes me happy.

— Katie

I started with online workouts because I was traveling for work and could not take regular classes. I feel a nice soreness each time I do it, and my clothes are fitting better. These online workouts are nice because you can do them at any time of the day or night.

— Kim L.

I asked for online workouts - one was a total body work out for when I go on vacation or am not able to make it to class. I also ordered the package of resistance bands Sharon suggested to go along with the workout!! Another workout was focused on core work because even though I do some core exercises while working out, I wanted a complete core workout that I can do at home a few days a week or incorporate into a weekly workout while on vacation! I would highly recommend online fitness to others because the information you need is RIGHT THERE, the only thing you have to do is the workout.  It is a great workout tool for those who may not be able to get out during a snow storm or who may have a conflict with the class they planned on attending. Instead, you have a structured workout - just do it!!!  It can't get any easier than that.  I really REALLY like the core workout and I look forward to getting the next one in another few weeks.

— Sue

Since I began the upper body and lower body online workouts, I feel humbled. lol I thought I was stronger than I really was until Sharon once again kicked my butt with these workouts! I am no doubt going to be stronger and healthier as I incorporate these programs into my marathon training. I recommend online workouts to others because they are easy to use and follow, from beginner to advanced, and from home gym to big box gym equipment.

— Agatha

Since beginning these online workouts, I feel like I have a better understanding of how to workout.

— Sam S.

After taking two sessions of Core Strength I wanted to continue the class but because of my schedule I could no longer do it so I asked Sharon for an online workout focusing on my core.  I’m so glad that I did this!!  I love the challenge the workout gives me, and because of its flexibility, I’ve been able to actually work out more.  Instead of just going to class one time a week, I’ve been able to complete the work out 2-3 times a week.  As a result, I’ve reached one of my goals – 10 V-ups in a row on a regular basis.  In the past I was lucky to get 5 or 6 in a row. I would recommend online workouts to anyone that has a busy schedule or doesn't think that they have time to exercise. Even if you can’t fit a complete workout in every time, you can at least find 15-20 minutes to do some of the program.

— Tamara

I know that strength training is important to overall health, as well as impactful to optimal weight management and fitness.  I sought out Sharon’s expertise to have online workouts that I could do in my home 2 to 3 times/week with the weights and equipment that I have.  Since I began following these programs, I feel stronger.  Adding a focused strength training program has given me more energy and I notice that I can push myself harder in Metabolic Explosion Training class and Boot Camp. My overall health is great.  In general, working with Sharon has eliminated the aches I was beginning to have in my right shoulder and knees.  I know this is a result of strengthening my muscles.  And, for my body, the strength training, along with MET and Boot Camp has made an impact in definition and tone. I am very satisfied with the programs. I am challenged and they eliminate the boredom of just doing the same thing. Also with the strength training, I am able to keep challenging myself simply by increasing the amount of weights that I use. Online Fitness is very effective, as well as convenient because you can do it in your home and, for me, this does not allow for any excuses.  Also, I do it first thing in the morning and it really starts the day off right.

— Karen H.