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Personal Training is the answer for you if this describes you…

  • You prefer to work directly with a trainer for the individualized attention.
  • You want the one-on-one time with a trainer to ask questions and get answers.
  • You want quick results.
  • You want someone to hold you accountable.
  • You are serious about changing your lifestyle.


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Working one-on-one gives you motivation, accountability, individualized exercises, and quicker results! Choosing this option and following proper nutrition can help you to lose weight in a safe way and keep it off.

A variety of methods and equipment will be used to help you meet your goals including but not limited to dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, stability balls, sandbells, battle ropes, plyo box, medicine balls, interval training, bodyweight exercises, tires, and more.

One of the many benefits of working in a private fitness studio is that there are no activation fees, facility fees, maintenance fees, or any other hidden costs. Instead, you are only spending your money for the experience and knowledge of the trainer.

Also available is Semi-Private Personal Training for two.

If personal training isn’t right for you, learn about our classes!


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Before working with Sharon, I had hit a plateau that I could not overcome, causing me to continue trying different things with little to no success. Sharon’s program has helped me get back on track and set aside dedicated time for me. I have found that I now enjoy evening workouts. I'm a morning person and working out on the evening had always been a struggle. If I could talk with others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would say to find someone to hell get you going, like Sharon. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. In 12 weeks, I have lost 10 lbs. and 16", and my biggest win so far is liking my appearance more!  

— Tanya D.



My name is Michelle Ellis and I’m a recovering food alcoholic.  I have been working with Sharon for a full year now mostly in personal training, but recently in MET class too.  When I first started this journey I was excited and nervous about the huge task ahead. I was needing to lose 100 plus lbs. and starting such a process is a very daunting thought.  I found my first day with Sharon to be challenging but rewarding.  I was glad she was not hesitant or reluctant to help me.  I made a promise to myself in 2018 to turn my life in a more positive direction so I can be healthy for my grandchildren and enjoy my retirement to the fullest! Fast forward one year and I have lost 50 lbs. While I am less than 50 % away from my ultimate goal, my everyday life is forever changed.  I no longer look for the closest parking spot at the mall.  I can get up off the floor without help.  I can climb steps with ease.  I used to struggle to walk a mile.  Now I could do 5 if I wanted.  Everything has changed for the better.  My body is a work in progress for sure.  I am so happy to be much stronger also.  Picking up my mulch bags were no problem this year.  My A1C has gone down significantly into a non-pre-diabetic range.  I was very close to be being a full fledged diabetic.  My blood pressure is completely under control with less medication.  My goal is now to get healthier.  I’m sure the 70 lbs I still want to lose will follow.  I try to think about living my best life and still balance a well rounded fun life. The best thing about working with Sharon is that she is always on time and always prepared.  She is one of the most reliable people I have ever met.  She is completely committed to her profession.  The worst part of working with Sharon is that she has to charge for her services. That being said, because I had made such a big money commitment I never wanted that money to go to waste so I always showed up no matter what!  I found out later that consistency is the key to success in this process. In the past I tried a lot of quick fixes that didn’t work.  I always lost 20 pounds and then gained 30.  I used her Online Nutrition Coaching app and it gave me a great guideline to follow.  I was not perfect all the time but learned a ton about how much protein to carbs to vegetable portions work best for balancing my meals.  I would tell others who are hesitant to start not to be afraid.  Everyone has excuses and reasons to fail but you need to take the leap for yourself.  You matter!  It is a very gradual process not a scary process.  I really can say I never felt deprived of food.  I never felt like “poor me”.  I never understand what people meant when they said they made a lifestyle change but now I get it!  Wish me luck!  I’m on my way!

— Michelle E.

Strange things are happening to me. I started working with you in early August. In mid-September I hurt my back and that has really slowed down my progress. However, as of this morning, I have lost 23 pounds! That's fantastic, but here's the scary part. I catch myself doing calf raises when I am waiting in line at the post office or the grocery store. When I watch the news, I'll do some stretching. This morning I took a friend to the airport and she gave me a blueberry muffin when she got in the car. It's still sitting on the kitchen counter next to the leftover Halloween candy. Neither are talking to me or calling my name. I have no interest in it at all in either. I've never had these experiences. It's really strange.

— Shirley M.

I’m excited I have already lost 10 lbs. and 14 1/2"! Before working with Sharon, I struggled to stay committed. I could never sustain my weight success. Now I am exercising at least 3 times per week and eating healthier. Her program provides me a guide as to what I should be eating every day. My advice to others is to hang in there and take baby steps.  As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and you won't see results in a week!!!

— Janice A.

Probably 4 years ago I had to start on a water pill for my blood pressure that kept creeping up. It worked. Last year at my doctor's visit, my BP was pretty low, but my blood sodium level was elevated. Doc instructed me to cut the pill in half, and sent me on my way. This year BP is still low and sodium is still elevated. Doc told me to stop taking the water pill as he doesn't think I need it and I can self-monitor with my own cuff, and he guesses sodium level will return to normal range. He said my workout routine is likely a big factor in all of this. I share my personal health story because I am a dedicated client of Sharon's and we are coming up on our fifth anniversary of working together. So I'm older, yet in better health. Needless to say, I'm very pleased!! Thanks Sharon! Keep pushing me!!

— Jennifer

Sharon is an amazing personal trainer and extremely supportive with the nutrition program. Finally feel like I found a place where I can really work on being an overall healthier person.

— Penelope F.

Sharon personalizes physical training to meet your needs, starting where your level is and consistently working to improve your overall physical health. The benefits are amazing and it is a very positive experience that makes you want to keep up your training to keep the movement going in a positive direction and get stronger and healthier. I wish I had done it sooner and can't thank her enough for her knowledge and support!!!

— Angie H.

Since my husband and I began working with Sharon, I have lost significant lbs. & inches: 20 lbs. & 22.25" to be exact! I also know I have more air capacity, and I have gained a LOT of muscle too, as I can do more things, more easily. I truly and completely enjoy having Sharon as our trainer. In fact, I was telling a friend yesterday (who is a PE teacher and has seen all kinds of personalities within the exercise industry) that I feel so comfortable with her vs. other trainers we’ve worked with. I so much appreciate that she respects when either of us says we cannot do more. The other trainers would continue to push by belittling and other tactics. We’d push through doing the exercises the majority of the time, but we’d then end up with other issues. The last time we trained, I was still very ill (but had not been diagnosed), and I ended up on antidepressants because the trainer pushed too hard. He then belittled me for that – his attitude in general was that my only issue was that I was not in shape, not that I had any true health issues. The respect Sharon gives is huge for me and the biggest factor in my enjoying the work with her.

— Andrea B.

I started working with Sharon to find a way to exercise for fitness and weight management, beyond steps, that was convenient, made it easy with my schedule, and was structured with guidance and made an impact. I like that the program she designed for me keeps me exercising regularly, the online sessions are convenient, I’m receiving quality instruction and I can see the changes in my body. Working with her is a way I found to get me on the path I was looking for and couldn’t find. She helps me keep a consistent commitment to exercising.

— Ed B.

I have enjoyed these workouts and your motivation and style, and will continue to promote your services. I thank you for pushing me to what I didn't expect that I could do.

— Amy S.

Before working with Sharon my biggest struggle was not being able to add additional muscle and my lack of knowledge for what I needed to do to improve. It was frustrating as I didn't feel like I was making any progress towards my goals.

Sharon’s training program helped a lot with understanding that there should be a more well rounded approach to building muscle and that cardio was also very important to overall success. I was surprised at how weak some parts of my training were. Having a personal trainer to work with is very helpful as the knowledge and accountability is very important.

I would suggest to others that they should take the step of working with Sharon for their health and well being. Your health is the most valuable commodity you have.

— Adam N.

I have been working with Sharon since the end of August. She is helping me become a healthier person. My first goal - losing 10 lbs. - was met exactly when I wanted it to be. I'm well on my way to my second goal. She has also taught me to eat healthy and that there are options to choose that can include "sweets". If you are wanting to make a healthier lifestyle a priority then I highly recommend Sharon.

— Amy K.

Since I started your meal planning program, I have lost 14.8 pounds and almost 25 inches - nearly 4 inches I lost while not losing any weight at all. Here a few other things that have happened:
  • I am wearing a size smaller in clothes (even bras and underwear!)
  • I have learned a lot about eating lean proteins and what foods to choose from
  • I have learned how to snack and not feel guilty because it tastes good
  • I have learned to make better choices in restaurants.

— Melinda D.

My last weight was 234.8 lbs, down over 20 lbs. from my starting 253 lbs. Your program indeed works, and I'm thankful for all I learned.

— Bill R.

I had taken Metabolic Explosion Training classes, Boot Camp, and special offerings like TRX class from Sharon for a couple years (love it!), and with my children off at college, I felt the time was right to add in some more personalized workouts, although it was an injury that finally prompted me to put that plan into motion.   Many years ago I had injured my back, and then I herniated a disc in my lower spine in early 2018.  Prior to medical treatment, I suffered in pain for 4 months.  Upon completing medical treatment, I worked with a physical therapist, and began working with Sharon taking Personal Training to regain mobility, flexibility, and strength.  Then one day, I went to physical therapy, and the kind and competent therapist directed me to start on the exercises all on my own, and I pretty much did my entire session without any attention from the therapist.  This, coupled with the fact that I had not been given any new exercises for the past few sessions, got me thinking.  I could continue this path of seeing both a physical therapist and doing Personal Training with Sharon, or I could eliminate paying for physical therapy which was no longer providing me what I thought I needed and solely focus on working with Sharon. I want to stress, I had gone through a couple months of physical therapy and had progressed nicely.  Sharon is not a physical therapist and I did not substitute her Personal Training for that of a licensed therapist.  I just felt I was no longer receiving benefit from the energy, time, and money I was devoting to physical therapy, and I decided that I had progressed to the point that I could safely work with Sharon exclusively.  Sharon gave (and gives) me personalized attention and tailored workouts based upon how I was/am feeling each and every session.  There is no question in my mind that I made the correct decision. I have been taking Personal Training from Sharon ever since.  Some days she pushes me hard, some days I stretch more, other days her focus is on my core, some days it isn’t, and before each session she asks how I feel, and adjusts her plan for me accordingly.   Sharon and I have worked one-on-one for 8 months.  After Personal Training for a few months, and as I began to feel better and more confident, I felt like I could try to add back in MET classes. I wanted to be smart and not overdo it so I took one class.  Then I started working back into a more regular MET schedule, and now I am back to full-time MET, along with Personal Training. I am pain-free, and so much stronger and more flexible than I was last 8 months ago! I feel like I am living a normal life again.   If you suffer a debilitating injury like I did, the key is determination, consistency, and time.  I very much enjoy my Personal Training sessions, and I get a great personalized workout.  It was incredibly rewarding to once again incorporate and be successful at exercises I had lost the ability to perform while I was injured.  I thank Sharon for each one of those victories.   My recovery is complete, and I still take Personal Training with Sharon because I enjoy the personal attention and personalized workouts.  I feel that I have gained more muscle definition than I achieved by taking MET classes alone. Also, it is a time twice a week that I can focus on improving my health and my appearance.   What would I change?  NOTHING!  I love it, and I thank Sharon for all that she has done for me to aid in my recovery, and to help me be a healthy, stronger, and better version of me.

— Jenny G.

I injured my lower back and was diagnosed with a bulged disc. I was so frustrated. The injury caused numbness in my left foot and leg, constant back pain, and stiffness.  I could hardly do any daily activities, things we often take for granted like leaning over to brush my teeth, and walking. It's been depressing.  When you're an active person and you can hardly do any physical activity (including simple daily ones) it's tough on you.  I wasn't permitted to workout in any capacity for quite some time.

I had been seeing the Orthopedic Doctor and had an epidural injection into my spine (this helped a lot!). I began physical therapy soon after and was making extremely slow progress. I've been working with Sharon for years (Boot Camp, MET Class, you name it) so I decided to start seeing her again, but this time for one-on-one Personal Training sessions.  We've been focusing on strengthening my core and glutes. I'm making a lot of progress now.  It's been nice too because we're slowly incorporating legs and arms to my workout. After each session I notice less stiffness, and I'm getting my strength back.

If you are injured like I was, I am here to tell you that it is no joke, for sure.  You need to know that you must consistently work on strengthening your core and your glutes to protect your spine.  Knowing my injury, Sharon has helped me to customize a workout that is helping me tremendously.  I highly recommend it!

— Nichole H.

Before working with Sharon, I knew my upper body was weak. I had difficulty doing normal tasks/holding good posture. In just a few weeks my muscles are stronger and more resilient to physical demands. It is now easier to perform tasks and pain is experienced more rarely. I’ve already learned that you get out of this what you put in.

— Marie R.

Before I began personal training sessions with Sharon, I had difficulty keeping myself accountable - to stop working and to actually go work out.  Also, I was always tired. I had gained a lot of weight, and was unable to lose the baby weight on my own. I am now working muscles I have never worked, learning new exercises, and focusing on weight training vs only cardio. These work outs are part of my routine now and I feel like I am getting stronger. If anyone else is facing similar struggles and frustrations, I will tell you that you need to change what you are doing, and to reach out for help.

— Carie B.

I began working with Sharon for two reasons. I wanted to lose 20 lbs. and get back into shape so I could start running again. But I really wanted to do it with my wife to get her going. She has had too many medical issues, and needed to change her routine and diet. So doing this together was very important. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we started training but I found I learned a lot. Many of the exercises I had never done before.  And I had never worked with weights either. I also learned a lot about eating better. I am eating much better — much less carbs and sugars, and more protein than before. Personal training changes your life for the better. You feel better, and your quality of life improves. I think the toughest part is making the changes necessary. More effort to carve out time for meal planning and regular exercise time were my biggest changes.

— Ed S.

I have worked with Sharon in group class settings for a while, and am proud of my progress and the maintenance of my fitness program at the level I have. However, I began personal training because I was wanting a bit of a kick start and needed a new goal. I decided I wanted to be able to complete a pull up. I went into my first session pretty open-minded and unassuming, but I did think it would be a lot like HIIT-R or Metabolic Explosion Training in the fact that it would never be the same workout from week to week, and I'd come home tired! (in a good way!) I find that I work harder in personal training. I feel more invested on many levels - it's just Sharon and me - so she notices when I'm struggling or when I've got some extra spunk to keep going. It takes time and work, but I'm definitely getting stronger - I can see my goal getting closer. I like that personal training is all about me! I’d like to tell others that if there's something you really want to accomplish, personal training will get you there! It's a lot easier to do with someone in your corner.

— Beth M.

Personal training is the only thing that works for me.  I just do not have the motivation and room to do much here at home. I am 85 and just started 4 weeks ago.  The main difference I see after balance and strength work outs is how much better I feel about myself. It is motivating to accomplish just a small part of the exercise. I have a long way to go, but just a little bit makes a difference.
I feel having a personal trainer is the best way to go. You have a "personal prescription" from your trainer that allows you your best outcome. I am hoping my retired friends can see how much better I can get around and get interested. At first, I was worried that I had "bitten more than I could chew', being the shape and age that I am, but Sharon  has made me feel comfortable and encouraging for what I could do.

— Martha B.

I started Personal Training with Sharon 4 ½ weeks ago. My daughter and her husband gave me this for a Christmas present. What a wonderful gift! In a very short period of time, I have noticed a lot of changes. I have more than 100 lbs. to lose and it is very intimidating to start such a long and arduous journey. My expectations were that Sharon was going to render me unable to walk but after my first hour of working out I went home, made a healthy dinner, and put most of my Christmas decorations away. I felt so good! I have really bad knees and they hurt less after I work out! My energy level goes through the roof when I leave a session. If I had anything to change it would be going more. It is such a wonderful experience to do something for yourself. Just you! If you are considering make a real change in your life and want to hurt less, I suggest you start this journey. Sharon will help you with any issue you have. Choose to be healthy. Make a change. You are worth it! I have lost over 10 lbs. already and many inches, but most importantly I am moving forward to my end goal which is living my best life.

— Michelle

I began working with Sharon 3 years ago as I was approaching 50. I started with Boot Camp and then moved onto Metabolic Explosion Training. I truly enjoy the workouts because they are challenging and fun but also because she cultivates a culture of support with our class members. Participating in MET really helped me to gain strength and increase my overall physical fitness level. Unfortunately I was unable to continue with MET as I had to have rotator cuff surgery back in November 2016. After about 5 months of physical therapy and much pain, I was cleared by the doctor to start strength training again. In order to ease back into working out, I started Personal Training sessions with Sharon twice per week. These sessions have been great and Sharon has customized the workout sessions based upon my needs. I have re-joined MET and have even added HIIT-R. It feels great getting back into shape after a 5 month hiatus and Sharon's support has been invaluable during this time!

— Eileen H.

I initially started taking personal training sessions with Sharon to make a "scheduled" class that I otherwise would find other reasons not to do. My goals were to feel better in general; gain some strength and tone; ultimately to maybe lose some weight. Since working with her, I have learned a wider range of exercises, and how to do them correctly. I’m noticing more muscle mass and a little more strength than before.  I also do not have some of the side pains that I was previously told was scar tissue on one side and a lipoma on other.  Pain is for the most part gone. I would recommend to others that they should give personal training a try, because you never know if you’ll like until you do.  You can choose how long, and how often you go.  I can be having a really bad day, and when I leave, I usually am smiling.

— Heather E.

I initially met Sharon through a Core Strength class she was instructing. After about 3 sessions, I knew I wanted to see if we would be a good fit for personal training. I took one personal training session and was instantly sure this was for me, and signed up for a 12 week package, meeting twice a week. I was looking for someone who would listen to what I wanted to accomplish and help with my motivation. I wanted to be instructed in correct form and not be embarrassed by my lack of physicality. Sharon listened to my goals and we discussed them, from the weights I am comfortable with, learning appropriate body movements, and knowing that it took a while for my body to get in the shape it is and it will take time to see results. I have two personal goals: a chin up with or without assistance and regular push ups. I’ve already noticed that my strength has increased in my arms, legs and core. I am using muscles I didn’t know existed and physically/emotionally feel the best I have in a long time. I like EVERYTHING about working with Sharon. It doesn’t matter if you are in shape, out of shape, body or weight size. Sharon really listens and has designed a program specific to me and my goals. I’d like to tell anyone who is considering personal training to just do it! Age is not a “thing”, body weight is not a “thing”. Women tend to be caregivers. We always find time to help out family, friends and others, but when it comes to us, we don’t seem to be able to find the time. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? There is no reason not to start. There is no excuse. You will feel empowered and proud of yourself once you take the first step. I wish I would have started personal training with Sharon sooner.

— Beth R.

I started taking Boot Camp just over a year ago and added MET classes soon after that. Recently, I've added personal training to my weekly workouts and I highly recommend it.  Sharon creates intense workouts targeting specific muscle groups. It's a great addition to my exercise routine.  I really enjoy being pushed to do more than I ever thought I could and I especially enjoy seeing the results of those workouts.

— Leisa F.

I've been working with Sharon for about 3 and a half years, and just recently I started Personal Training one day a week. I'm so happy I chose to do this. It is a great addition to my current workout schedule which includes Metabolic Explosion Training class, Boot Camp, and cardio classes. I'm truly amazed at how strong I feel and how strong I am! The thing I like the best about the personal training class is maximizing certain muscles and I can tell yesterday was bicep day!!! :)

— Sue C.

During Personal Training, Sharon focuses on strengthening a certain body part- i.e. biceps/triceps, back, or legs.  She sets up each machine and shows me how to use them properly.  She advises how much weight should go on the machines and even helps me keep count.  She gives encouragement and holds me accountable to completing each set.  I can’t be a wimp because she’s watching closely!  We work efficiently and are finished with the sets in 30 minutes.  I might not be able to lift my arms or walk upright when it’s over, but I do feel stronger physically and mentally.  I do believe Personal Training is helping my overall performance in Metabolic Explosion Training class.

— Kristi S.

I began using Sharon's Personal Training Services because a class she was instructing at Beechmont RecPlex was canceled.   I had four Personal Training sessions, and my goals for those sessions were to see some increase in flexibility and to learn some exercises that I could do on my own.  I did reach both those goals.

The four sessions were very well planned in advance.  Each session was devoted to one area:  1) stretching and warm up; 2) lower body workout; 3) core workout; and 4) upper body workout.  The exercises were challenging, but she had a good sense of what I was going to be able to accomplish. Once the class meets, I feel like I will be able to get more out of it because of the one-on-one sessions.

I would definitely recommend her Personal Training services to others.   Three things are important when hiring an independent teacher:  1) Do they know the subject and have an ability to teach it? 2) Are they professional; do they keep appointments and communicate their terms clearly? 3) Do they have the ability to instill confidence in you?  She gets an A+ on all three counts.

— Joan C.

For gym class, Grace was first in her class for sit ups. She was very proud of herself and knows working on core strength in Personal Training sessions with Sharon was one of the reasons she did so well. She was a little disappointed that a boy beat her in push ups by 2.

— Laura M., mother of Grace, a 14 year old volleyball player

Sharon is very thorough with her Personal Training clients. She gets to know us, and with this information designs a workout that not only complements the client, but provides the proper level of activity for strength and fitness.  She is very supportive and caring.

— Leslie H.

I began using Sharon’s Personal Training services because while I’m an accomplished professional, I need accountability due the fast pace of my life and often conflicting priorities. In short, I came last and was often too tired or unmotivated to workout.  Before I started working with her, I felt unhappy with the way I looked and felt, low self-esteem and confidence.  Now I feel better about my appearance and overall feel healthier, however I know I still have a way to go to get to where I want to be.  I think my body is stronger and in better shape, size 36 pants instead of 38, lost 30+ lbs since January.  I would recommend her Personal Training services to others because I like the total body metabolic workouts. I feel as if my entire body was targeted and I experience a longer calorie burn. I like that she does not get distracted by conversation and that she continues to push me.

— Mike W.

I must say a big Thank You to YOU! It was you that kick started me almost a year (10 months) ago on a random Thursday in the beginning of December in Personal Training to getting healthy and starting down the road I am traveling now. Do you remember me not being able to finish the workout because I got so light headed, I had to sit down?!! Ugh!! Crazy!!! Now, I am 20 lbs. lighter and 4 pants sizes smaller and still going and keep it off!! Your classes and Meal Plan work!! If you need a fan or recommendation, you definitely have one here!!!

— Agatha A.

I'm in my 60s and since my husband passed away 3 years ago, I haven't wanted to start much of anything. My daughter Erika has worked with Sharon for more than 2 years, and pushed me to start with Personal Training. I'm glad she did. I already feel better about myself, and would encourage others to not be like me. I wasted a lot of time. Sharon makes working out fun, and even though I sometimes dread going, afterward, I'm so glad I went.

— Gayle S.

Having had major surgery in the past, it was important for me to find a personal trainer that would be able to set up a program that takes into consideration my physical limitations. Sharon has been able to do this for me.

— John G.

A personal trainer should understand a clients' limitations and age (senior) while setting up a program that is most beneficial, and not a "one size fits all". She should be supportive, understanding yet firm enough to make you want to push yourself to work towards your goal while understanding that each client must work at their own pace....Sharon is this type of personal trainer.

— Roz G.

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