Catalyst Bar


Catalyst Meal Replacement Bar

I wanted a better bar. No, more than that.
I wanted a true meal replacement bar.

Introducing the Catalyst Bar – the perfectly delicious and nutritious meal-on-the-go!

I was disappointed with the nutrition of the bars on the market, so I created a meal replacement bar for those on-the-go, and one that is still low enough in calories for anyone trying to lose weight. This 85 gram bar has high protein and fiber, low net carbs and sugar, and zero sugar alcohols. It is made with plant-based protein and coconut oil, and is gluten-free. And it tastes really good. Introducing the Catalyst Bar – the perfectly delicious and nutritious meal-on-the-go!

Catalyst Meal Replacement Nutrition Bar




plant-based protein




Net Carbs



30 years ago I began my career in the corporate world where my days were driven by meetings, and I was on call after hours and on weekends. My schedule was not my own and I didn’t have time for a healthy, balanced meal. I left that industry in 2012, and jumped into the health and fitness world by becoming a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and opening my own fitness studio. 

Since then I’ve successfully helped hundreds of women and men get healthier, lose weight, feel better, and like what they see in the mirror. I hear their daily struggles about trying to eat better while balancing the demands of life. They can’t find the time to make meals and they cringe when faced with fast food drive thru windows. When they do somehow get to the gym, they aren’t sure what to eat afterward.

Don’t settle for a protein bar or an energy bar.

Eat right with the perfectly delicious and nutritious meal-on-the-go.

9 bars per box
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