13 Bad Fitness Tips

Social media has created an environment where everywhere you turn, someone has “the best” piece of fitness advice for you. It also has apparently become irrelevant if the source of this so called “new and improved method” doesn’t hold any fitness-related degrees or certifications, hands on experience, or even know[…]

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No Pain No Gain sign

Lessons Learned in the Gym

You might be expecting me to tell you the lessons I’ve learned in the gym are that I know how much weight I can squat or bench press. Or that I like free weights more than machines. Or that I prefer high intensity interval training over steady cardio. Or that[…]

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Rows of dumbbells in the Catalyst 4 Fitness gym

Can You Get Protein As A Vegan?

While it is becoming easier to get protein as a vegan, there is still a lot of misinformation that can cause confusion and will result in poor nutrition. Nuts, grains, and legumes are touted as protein sources but often times you must eat a really large amount of each to[…]

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The New Corporate Wellness

There is a new corporate wellness expectation that has in part come about as a result of covid-19, and it affects our health and as well as our behaviors. A Brief History of Workplace Wellness 1760 – the Industrial Revolution began and employers were not bound by laws governing the[…]

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Corporate Wellness Icons

Press Release – Catalyst Bar Launches

Cincinnati, Ohio— January 31, 2022 — Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Cincinnati-based Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched a new line of meal replacement bars called the Catalyst Bar. Chamberlin’s work as a certified personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach led to the creation of the bar. “I realized there is a[…]

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Press Release announcement

Are Protein Bars Good Meal Replacements?

Are protein bars good meal replacements?   No. Are energy bars good meal replacements? No. [Spoiler Alert: This is exactly why I created the Catalyst Meal Replacement Bar!]  Most of the bars on the market – even those that are popular, have brand recognition, endorsed by celebrities, or sponsored by[…]

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Catalyst Bar - Meal Replacement Bar

How Much Is A Personal Trainer?

You have tried every diet and exercise video, some twice or more, and you still aren’t happy with your body. You are overweight and feel awful. You are wondering how much is a personal trainer. The answer to this seemingly straight forward question isn’t clear cut. Instead, it’s similar to[…]

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