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Total Body Workout

The idea of a total body workout might be appealing since it appears it provides a convenient and time-efficient way to exercise. However, it isn’t the best choice for you to achieve maximum fitness and health improvements. Instead, an upper body lower body split offers several advantages that make it a superior option.

Examples of Upper and Lower Body Splits

There are many variations of upper and lower body splits. One is: day 1 – chest and back, day 2 – legs and back, and day 3 – shoulders and arms.

Another is: day 1 – chest, biceps, and triceps, day 2 – back, day 3 – shoulders, and day 4 – legs and calves.

Man in gym performing a deadlift

Benefits of Upper and Lower Body Splits

One of the benefits is that splitting upper and lower body workouts allows for targeted muscle growth. By focusing on specific muscle groups in each session, you can increase the intensity and volume of your training, leading to greater improvements in strength, muscle mass, and better overall muscle balance.

Another benefit is that a total body workout doesn’t provide the same amount of recovery time for your muscles. A 3 or more day split programs in deliberate rest days between upper and lower body workouts that facilitates proper recovery, reducing the risk of overtraining and injuries. This allows for more consistent training, leading to long-term progress.

Also, an upper body lower body split allows for better progression and periodization. By manipulating the exercise selection, volume, and intensity for each body part, customized training plans can be created to address specific fitness goals and weaknesses.

Finally, an upper lower split can actually be more time-efficient than a total body workout. This is true because you can reduce the rest time or change the number of repetitions in each set while still completing all of the sets for each muscle during your workout.

The Best Choice

The best workout program is the one that you will follow consistently. If your goals are to improve your health and fitness, upper body lower body splits might be the choice for you. 

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