Are You New to Group Fitness?

Starting an exercise program can be daunting. To help alleviate some apprehension you or your friends might be feeling, I’m sharing part of an article that the American Council on Exercise recently published about group fitness and how you can make the most of it.  Feel free to forward this[…]

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Gym Time

Our time is valuable and we want to be as productive as we can when at work and in the gym. Follow these 4 ways to maximize your gym time. 1. Your Workout Program. Design your workouts so they are effective and efficient.  Unless you are training for a bodybuilding[…]

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Muscle Types 101

Exercise makes all of your muscles bigger, right?  The simple answer is no, but why? There are three muscle types that comprise our bodies. Skeletal or striated muscle is attached to bones and has many nuclei with each fiber. This type of muscle comprises about 40% of an adult’s body weight. They[…]

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Burn More Calories

What is the theory behind how I structure Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training? Slow steady cardio can be a component of a fitness program but to burn more calories in less time is appealing. To achieve this, I chose a specific method to create the workouts in Boot Camp[…]

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What Should You Wear to the Gym?

This may seem like a no-brainer but based on my experience, it might be a good idea for me to recommend what you should wear to the gym. More people than I care to mention have apparently forgotten the personal appearance and general dress codes that are innate to most[…]

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When to Replace Your Workout Shoes

Buying the right pair of shoes for exercise is important so you perform well and not hurt your feet. But the next question is – when to replace your workout shoes? The answer to this question isn’t as straight forward as when many people replace dress shoes.  Often, the training[…]

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What Are The Benefits of Boot Camp?

Boot camp is more effective in weight loss than steady state exercise like running because of its structured intervals.  One of the main benefits of boot camp is that you get a lot of results in a short amount of time, and for most people, it’s much more fun than[…]

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a small group fitness class performing crossbody mountain climbers in catalyst 4 fitness studio