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Rev Up Your High Intensity Interval Training

Achieving and maintaining the body you want is hard. It takes commitment, dedication, and focus to keep your end goal in mind.

Being the best you can be means that you should use all of the tools available to you – a smartly designed program, a custom nutrition plan, and proper supplementation to rev up your high intensity interval training.

Catalyst 4 Fitness Creatine

A recently published study has been flooding my inbox and my Facebook newsfeed – researchers have found that creatine helps enhance physical performance during HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.

This is very exciting news for those of us who participate in HIIT and have already experienced its fat burning benefits.

Up until now, we would take Creatine only on weight lifting days. It is a fantastic supplement to help push us through another rep or to lift a little more than we did the previous day. Also important to note is that the Creatine in my premium supplement line does not cause bloating.

This new finding will enable us to take our high intensity interval training to a higher level which in turn will help us get closer to reaching our goals!

Isn’t that what you want too?