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Press Release – Catalyst Bar Launches

Cincinnati, Ohio— January 31, 2022 Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Cincinnati-based Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched a new line of meal replacement bars called the Catalyst Bar.

Chamberlin’s work as a certified personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach led to the creation of the bar. “I realized there is a need for a true meal replacement bar that is both nutritionally sound and tastes good.” Said Chamberlin, “I saw the struggle my clients had finding a way to eat smart while on the go.”

Chamberlin researched bar co-manufacturers across the country before choosing one and then conducted taste tests with clients and other trusted individuals to arrive at the brand’s first flavor, peanut butter brownie. This clean, nutritious, and balanced meal bar tastes great and is low enough in calories to be enjoyed by those wanting to lose weight. Using plant-based protein, it boasts of high protein and fiber, low net carbs and sugar, and zero sugar alcohols. Additional flavors are under development and will be released later in 2022. 

The bar can be ordered online.

Catalyst 4 Fitness was founded in 2007 to help women and men achieve their goals of losing fat, building muscle, and becoming healthier overall. Through fitness, nutrition, and accountability, we help them learn how to make it a lifestyle.