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Helo LX – Wearable Technology in Healthcare

The Future of Wearable Technology in Healthcare is NOW!



Have you or a loved one:

  • been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease
  • use a stent
  • have a pacemaker
  • suffered a heart attack
  • have heart disease run in your family
  • had your doctor say you are at high risk for a heart attack
  • had a doctor say you are overweight or obese
  • been diagnosed as pre-diabetic
  • suffer from diabetes
  • need to test your blood sugar




Do you feel safer having a panic button wherever you go?
Do you want to track your own health readings?
Do you want to take your own ECG in the comfort of your home?
Do you want to send your health readings to your doctor?
Do you want loved ones to be able to remotely monitor your health?
Do you want your loved ones to be automatically notified if you experience a health scare or emergency, and be given your GPS location?

Do you want to track your steps, calories, distance, sleep, mood, and energy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Helo LX is for you!




Fox News has named it one of the top Technology Trends to Watch in 2017.


The Today Show, after reviewing 5 devices, chose the Helo LX to feature as one of The Summer’s Best Devices For Staying Connected.



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Are you ready to gain control of your health? Order a HeloLX for you, your loved one, or a family bundle.

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