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Best High Protein Low Sugar Bars

You are trying to eat better and know you need more protein in your diet, and that you should also cut back on sugar. Your intentions are good, but when you are constantly on-the-go, it’s hard to do, especially if you want it to taste good. And to make it more difficult, you have to find something that your kids will eat too.

There are so many protein, energy, and nutrition bars to choose from, it is almost overwhelming. One says it is high in protein. Another says low in sugar. And another has a lot of sugar alcohols. And then you look at their sizes. Many are so small that you can easily eat 3 of them and still be hungry.

What should you do? 

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Eating Healthy On-the-Go

As you drive your kids from one activity to another, or rush between work and home, you know you don’t want to use a fast food drive thru for your next meal. The food isn’t good for you or your family, and this isn’t the type of role model you want to be for your kids. But sitting down with your family every night for dinner isn’t feasible either.

It would be great to find a bar to keep in your purse or bag that won’t melt, that will help you eat right, satisfy your hunger for hours, and taste so good that you look forward to eating it.

Get High Protein and Low Sugar – Don’t Settle for Just Another Protein Bar

We have the solution. Catalyst Bars were created for you and your family. They give your body the nutrition it needs, with high protein and low sugar, and zero sugar alcohols. 

Look at how the protein and sugar in Catalyst Bars compare with others on the market.