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Easy Healthy Recipes

It can be easy and quick to make delicious and healthy recipes while still staying on plan and not overeating.

You can get the body you want, perform your best in the gym and everywhere else, and have energy throughout the day.

In fact, using this one ingredient can help you to feel full longer, and build and maintain lean muscle too.

Protein powder does this and more, and you don’t have to drink protein shakes to do it.

However, not all protein powders are not the same.

I couldn’t find the great-tasting and high-quality protein powder that I wanted to personally use and to recommend to my family and clients so I worked with a manufacturer to create two and both are delicious! 

My whey protein is fast-acting and mixes easily without clumping. My vegan protein is just as smooth, and is ideal for those who have sensitive stomachs. It is ideal for you if can’t tolerate whey or just prefer plant-based products. Each comes in chocolate and vanilla, with seasonal flavors too. 

Collagen peptide protein is a powerhouse combining bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid to help improve muscle mass and improve joint health, reduce skin wrinkles and lines.  Hyaluronic acid has also
shown that it affects the way the body responds to injury, as it can decrease swelling which may lead to wounds healing faster while reducing scarring. This unflavored supplement can be added to any of your favorite beverages. 

Quick and Easy Recipes

Meal prep is critical to staying on plan, and part of this is having go-to meals that taste good and can be prepared quickly. Being able to make several servings – one for now and saving the rest for later, and having a fast clean up afterward are added bonuses.

Mix 1 scoop (or sub with the quantity that fits your macros for this meal) of whey or vegan protein with:

  • 1 high protein, low sugar yogurt and stir until smooth. Mix and match protein powder flavors and the yogurt flavors to create the tastes that you love
  • 1/2 cup rolled or steel cut oats and water to desired consistency, and microwave. Stir until well blended
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese and stir until smooth
  • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter and water, stir until smooth, and refrigerate or freeze for a cold, healthy treat
All of these easy healthy recipes can be prepared and then refrigerated or frozen to enjoy at another time too.