Michelle E.

Michelle E.

My name is Michelle Ellis and I’m a recovering food alcoholic. I have been working with Sharon for a full year now mostly in Personal Training, but recently in MET class too. I found my first day with Sharon to be challenging but rewarding. I was glad she was not hesitant or reluctant to help me. Fast forward one year and I have lost 50 lbs. My everyday life is forever changed for the better! I’m stronger and more flexible. I was very close to be being a full-fledged diabetic and now my A1C is in a non-pre-diabetic range. My blood pressure is completely under control with less medication. The best thing about working with Sharon is that she is always on time and always prepared. She is completely committed to her profession. In the past I tried a lot of quick fixes – lose 20 pounds but then gained 30. I used her Online Nutrition Coaching app and it gave me a great guideline to follow. I never understood what people meant when they said they made a lifestyle change but now I get it!

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