Metabolic Explosion Training

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Metabolic Explosion Training is for you if you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions:

  • Do you think you can’t afford personal training?
  • Do you want to be held accountable?
  • Are you a competitive person?
  • Are you ready to work hard and motivate others to do the same?
  • Do you have friends who want to train with you?
  • Do you like group training but feel you get lost in the crowd?


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What Is Metabolic Explosion Training?

These classes provide the same high quality workouts as individualized personal training but at a lesser cost. The group environment helps you to stay motivated and accountable.

A variety of methods and equipment will be used to help you meet your goals including dumbbells, kettlebells, Rip Trainer, resistance bands, stability balls, sandbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, interval training, tires, partner resistance, plyometrics, agility, balance and mobility movements, bodyweight exercises, and more.

What Should I Expect?

  • Increased strength, speed and performance
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Improved balance
  • Greater mobility

What Do I Need To Know Ahead Of Time?

Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes. Cross-trainers are suggested for this class. Bring water, a towel if you need one, and an exercise mat.

If you do not have a mat, you can buy one from me at your first class.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the many benefits of working in a private fitness studio is that there are no activation fees,  facility fees, maintenance fees, or any other hidden costs. Instead, you are investing your money for the personal attention, experience, and knowledge of the trainer.

See details on ALL available classes and find the ones that are the best for you!


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I am 49 years old and the mother of three teenagers: 19, 17, and 14.  Four years ago I was at my highest weight ever. I had worked with personal trainers at two different gyms, taken aerobics, tried kick-boxing, running, walking, home workouts, and spinning. Then I met Sharon. The first day of Boot Camp I could barely do the “warm-up”. I couldn’t do a push up and had no core strength. After working with Sharon for almost two years, I can run a mile without stopping, perform different kinds of push ups, and have dropped several more pounds. I like that Sharon addresses our diet as well as our workout.  Knowing what I know now, I would have started this years ago.  I'm so thankful to Sharon!

— Kristi S.

Before working with Sharon, I had hit a plateau that I could not overcome, causing me to continue trying different things with little to no success. Sharon’s program has helped me get back on track and set aside dedicated time for me. I have found that I now enjoy evening workouts. I'm a morning person and working out on the evening had always been a struggle. If I could talk with others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would say to find someone to get you going, like Sharon. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. In 12 weeks, I have lost 10 lbs. and 16", and my biggest win so far is liking my appearance more!  

— Tanya D.



I went shopping yesterday for clothes for Spring Break. I knew my size 10 shorts from last summer probably wouldn't fit so I took a 6 and an 8 into the dressing room. They were both too big! I had lost 10"! In the past I had done Jazzercise and walking – neither gave me major changes. That was when I signed up for Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training classes. Soon after I added Meal Planning. So far I have lost about 22 lbs. and dropped from a size 10 to a 4.  I can see a difference in my arms, legs, booty, and stomach. I have more energy, strength, and I feel good about how I look.  I have also met a lot of really nice people in the classes. I wish I had done it earlier! Sharon is committed to help her clients succeed.  She gives me the support I need when I need it, and she works with me on my crazy schedule to make it work for me.  She always challenges me to do more to make my body stronger and better. Thank you, Sharon, for all the support you’ve given me to help me to continue to reach my goal.

— Angie M.

I have a before and after pic of my midsection. I took the before about three months ago right before I started taking Sharon's protein powder and the after, I took last night after Boot Camp. I just wanted to share how taking your Boot Camp and MET Classes combined with taking the protein are really facilitating awesome results! Even though its only been three months I feel fantastic and can't wait for what the next three months have in store.

— Laura J.

Strange things are happening to me. I started working with you in early August. In mid-September I hurt my back and that has really slowed down my progress. However, as of this morning, I have lost 23 pounds! That's fantastic, but here's the scary part. I catch myself doing calf raises when I am waiting in line at the post office or the grocery store. When I watch the news, I'll do some stretching. This morning I took a friend to the airport and she gave me a blueberry muffin when she got in the car. It's still sitting on the kitchen counter next to the leftover Halloween candy. Neither are talking to me or calling my name. I have no interest in it at all in either. I've never had these experiences. It's really strange.

— Shirley M.

When you sign up for a program with Sharon you are getting a personal trainer that follows through and a community that will encourage you. Sticking with an exercise program without some type of accountability partner is tough.  Having Sharon check in consistently is helpful to me. On occasion I have accidentally missed a class and Sharon is quick to remind me which makes me feel like a valued client. Sharon’s program offers flexibility and variety that keep me engaged. The fact that I can pick from different classes that meet at different times helps meet my scheduling needs and lets me change things up from time to time. It also helps me stay committed. Also nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle but it is easy to get overwhelmed. Using a program that a trained person has vetted is of huge value to me. I spend a lot more time thinking about what I am eating, what I am going to eat, and how food plays a critical role in my weight loss journey. Seeing the number on the scale drop steadily is a big win but so is feeling stronger and healthier.

— Jane S.

I have maintained my weight and general strength but have done it with less pain than with my previous trainer.

— Ryan M.

I like class. Quite a bit. I think it’s what I need. Still struggling to motivate myself, so this helps. I should probably be taking classes 3x/week instead of two. I am glad I found you, because I don’t know if I would be doing anything healthy for myself at all right now.

— Carrie C.

I am very happy and feel like I am getting into a routine, and definitely increasing strength and cardio endurance. Sharon's classes are hard and I sometimes need to dig deep to take them. However, I always feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of each one.

— Karen L.

I have been attending classes that Sharon offers for nearly 2 years. I also participate in other services she offers, such as personal training and nutrition coaching. I value her knowledge about fitness and appreciate her advice. I especially enjoy MET class because it challenges me, and I like the results I am achieving...greater strength, better balance, and, leaner muscle.

— Melinda D.

Sharon's classes are fun and challenging. She is committed to helping me achieve my goals. The community is supportive. It's a great place to work out!

— Jennie L.

Sharon makes sure you are performing the exercises properly so you don't hurt yourself. I like how the mix of different moves in each class works certain parts of your body. When joining her I had never exercised before and now actually look forward to class and the fun we have while working out.

— Michelle S.

I think my biggest struggle before working with Sharon was building endurance during running.  Consistency probably played a role in that, but that was my number one concern. By taking her classes three days a week, I've been able to build strength and endurance for everything I do on a daily basis. Before working out, I would get winded and off-balance just managing my son.  Lifting him, supporting him when we do walking in physical therapy, etc, was difficult.  I'm in my late 40s now and my energy was low. I would tire easily.  I've gone to a couple doctors because of my low energy.  I've also tried home remedies, diets, and diet supplements to change my energy levels.  This included drinking 1 whole raw lemon every day.  I was not happy with my life, health, and mood. Now after just a couple of months, I have much more energy every morning.  I feel great. More than that, with Sharon’s program I've built up the strength and stamina to easily handle my son's care. I have the energy to handle my son's weight (with movement disorders) and have energy for the rest of my day, with a better mood.  I've seen improvements in my overall health: lower heartrate, lower blood pressure, and better immune response.  My resting heart rate before starting running and taking your class was 110-115.  It's now 80-85 when I'm awake.  My apple watch says it goes down to 63 during sleep. I want to tell others that I know it's very difficult to get started with a workout routine, and it's even harder to maintain consistency to achieve your goals.  Taking classes from Sharon will help you through the entire process of starting, building up, and maintaining consistency to build a routine into your life. I wish I would have started classes years ago.

— Todd S.

Around 4 years ago, I hit my highest non-pregnancy weight and realized that I needed to make changes - in diet, but also by adding in a regular exercise program.  I had bounced between programs and facilities - never quite finding the right mix.  In this quest, I did realize that I loved taking classes and that I definitely pushed myself harder vs. working out alone.  One of my biggest struggles was finding classes that I received personalized instruction.  I have injured myself over the years by doing exercises incorrectly because the instructor couldn't or didn't take the time to correct me.  Once injured, I would get off track and get very discouraged. A neighbor of mine had been working out with Sharon for a year and had recommended her several times to me and I am so thankful she did.  I started with Sharon in October 2019 and have been doing 2 classes a week since.  I love the small class size and very personalized attention and instruction.  She is always encouraging and supportive in your wellness journey - through both exercise and nutrition.  I had never been able to do a regular push up before starting with Sharon and that was one of my goals.  I can now do regular push ups and I feel so strong - physically, but also mentally.  Sharon makes it possible for anyone to be successful with their goals!

— Laura B.

Before working with Sharon, my self-confidence was declining because I was beginning to gain weight. I had no REAL idea of how to pay attention to my body. I didn’t feel like myself anymore, and didn’t like how I looked. I no longer recognized who that person in the mirror was and avoided her. Since working with Sharon, I walk with my shoulders tall. I feel good about myself and feel stronger than I ever have before, mentally, physically and spiritually. I have lost 14 lbs. and 14.75"! I get LOTS of compliments on my smile which means I am happy from the inside out. My biggest win so far is learning how to fight cravings with good nutrition, and being proud of ME! Thank you Sharon! ️ I want others to know that we all have it in us to make changes. Believe in yourself and stick with it. Sharon has taught me that any small win is never small. Weight will go up and down during the process, and that IS the progress.

— Chrissy H

I had been struggling with staying motivated while gyms were closed due to covid-19, and not having a workout partner with like-minded goals / physical activity interests. Sharon and the group provided me immediate comradery, accountability and encouragement.  I am now feeling more confident that I can get back into shape...and Sharon's instruction has provided me with new ideas and options for my workouts. I'm building strength, endurance and confidence in my ability to workout since I have been away from the gym for some time.  Additionally, I have learned about supplements that can enhance my workouts and help with recovery. I also have more confidence and look forward to exercising, trying different workouts, and pushing myself harder. My biggest win so far is increased endurance and more stamina. If someone else is feeling the same way I was, I would tell them to just start.  Sharon is a great motivator and fun to work with.

— Tammy S.

I used to run a lot and I enjoyed it. Then I injured my hip and now I can’t run without pain so finding a workout I enjoy and motivating myself to do it has been my biggest struggle. Since taking classes with Sharon, I don’t feel guilty for not working out. I enjoy the workouts, the camaraderie, and the accountability.  I would tell others who are struggling or are frustrated to reach out to Sharon. She will motivate you and hold you accountable.

— Stephanie B

Before I began working with Sharon, my biggest struggle was staying consistent and keeping to a routine/schedule.  Since working with her, instead of gaining during the quarantine, I lost 15 pounds.  I still have a long way to go, but getting started is always the hardest. Her program has helped me because we have set class times and this makes you feel accountable to others.  It helps to keep to a schedule if someone knows when you don't.  Adults shouldn't need that, but it's so easy coming up with excuses that I find I need it.

— Dana P.

Before working with Sharon, I found it difficult to set aside time to be healthy, workout, and focus on nutrition so I continued to get more out of shape. She has kickstarted me back to working out, giving clear guidance and program options.  And accountability! I’ve already noticed a difference. The weekend I began working with her, we started refinishing our basement and had 32 sheets of drywall delivered. I thought I was dying, trying to carry 7 sheets that day from the driveway to basement.  This past weekend (about 3 weeks later) we carried the remaining 15 sheets from the garage to the basement and I was not tired at all! Beyond that, my biggest win so far is the continual motivation she provides.

— Katie N.

Give Sharon a try! I promise you won’t regret it! Sharon not only guides you in the right direction, she is there to throw you right smack dab in the middle of the correct road. This lady is amazing! She will answer any questions you have with the most knowledge and you WILL understand it. If you don’t understand, she will break it down for you. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found Sharon.

— Angie S.

I started working with Sharon because I was looking for a place to take classes that would provide a fun environment and was convenient enough for me to make it part of a healthy lifestyle. I liked that Sharon did a great job consulting with me on the phone so my first class wasn't intimidating and it met my expectations.

And when I began taking classes, I found them to be better than my expectation. I love the variety of exercises and the format. The best part of the workout is the people who are sweating along with me. It's a fun and positive environment where everyone feels welcome.

Her classes are a fun and intense workout that provides enough variety to keep you interested but doesn't include obscure or hard to master maneuvers that will leave you feeling self-conscious and frustrated.

I think these classes could be beneficial to any adult who is interested in a class environment. The moves are challenging but can be adjusted for fitness level and injury. The class environment is very positive so people new to fitness classes will feel welcome and supported.

— Missy K.

Thank you Sharon for giving me the courage to do a boudoir photo shoot! If I hadn't continued working with I would never had the confidence to do this!! Thank you! I am proud to be 55!! I hope that sharing this pic helps others to be inspired to embrace their own health and fitness which can lead to confidence and feeling good in their own skin. I couldn't have done this photo shoot prior to working with you! So at 55 I finally feel good about me and empowered to embrace the body I have. It's not perfect but it's mine and I have worked hard to get it!

— Carol J.

I had been taking Get Fit 101 classes for awhile (maybe 5 months), and I felt like my fitness had improved enough and I was familiar enough with the exercises that I was ready for a more challenging class.  I think my first MET class actually was one of Sharon's holiday classes - Memorial Day of 2016. I knew it would be harder.  I'll be honest though - I was not prepared for the Finishers!  That took, and still takes, some getting used to. I love MET and the variety that comes with it.  I feel so much better about being me.  I've lost some weight, I feel more fit and I think I look more fit. I really like the variety that Sharon's studio provides.  All the equipment (toys) we get to work with each week keeps the class interesting. I look forward to seeing what exercises Sharon has written on the board when I arrive. I also really enjoy the other class participants and the discussions we have.  Sharon promotes a very friendly atmosphere in her studio. If you are considering trying MET for the first time, it is a bit hard at first, and you'll be more sore than you will admit, but it is also so very, very worth it.  Once you have taken MET for a 6-week session, I think you'll be hooked - I was!

— Jenny G.

I started working with Sharon about a year ago. I was very intimidated at the beginning but I quickly found I liked it. The only way you will find out is by trying! Everyone goes their own pace and it’s a non competitive environment. The other people in class are huge motivators too – they keep you going and are supportive. What started out as something to do during summer has turned into a lifestyle change. When I think of where I started and where I am now I would describe it as ‘transformative.’ I can see my muscles! I used to flex my arms and nothing would happen…now there’s a bump! I started doing modified push ups and struggled to do 5. They are still hard, but I can do 10 standard push ups now! It’s my least favorite exercise, so it’s the one I’m most determined to conquer! I'm definitely stronger! Strong is my new favorite word. I’ve never considered myself strong until now, and it’s an amazing feeling. I’m mentally stronger too- pushing through an exercise when you want to stop, making yourself go to class when it’s snowy and cold out, trying something you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t do. I am taking less medication. I have more energy. I have more confidence and courage. My joints hurt less as I lose weight. I’ve lost 20 pounds! I signed up for MET after taking two sessions of Boot Camp. It is so much fun, always different, and you are surrounded by supportive people.  It's a great class especially if you want a little more after taking Boot Camp.  It's a great workout and you will feel great when you are done!

— Beth M.

I really enjoy Personal Training for the one-on-one training aspect. I love Boot Camp for the cardio and the challenging aspect. I have taken Pumping Iron also and really enjoy weight training. It has taught me more weight lifting moves and proper core movement. I absolutely LOVE MET! I love the combination of cardio and weight training. I love using all the equipment because it creates variety and I enjoy learning how to use all of it.

— Michelle

I first began taking classes with Sharon about eight months ago. I had slowly let myself go over the past two years and a close friend of mine invited me to join her for Boot Camp on Thursday nights at Beech Acres. I was always a pretty active person in the past and thought, oh what the heck. The first night of class came and while I was waiting for class to start my train of thought turned more towards, what the heck was I thinking.....?! As the hour passed, I thought I was either going to pass out or throw up multiple times. When the class ended though, I felt amazing! The weeks passed and I found myself looking forward to working out. I started talking with others in the class and realized I was not only working out but having a good time while doing so. When the session ended I knew I had to sign up again, this time I added Tuesday nights as well, then Monday Core Strength classes, and then I started adding Wednesday and Saturday Metabolic Explosion Training classes too. I started to realize just how stressed and unhappy with myself I was before I began these workouts. I stared to see results as well and therefore pushed myself further. Since starting Cross Training Circuits in February of 2016, I have lost a total of 35 lbs. I have shaved 5 minutes off my mile time (let's face it, I couldn't run at all before) and have gone down 4 pants sizes!!! I am changing out my closet and finding so many clothes that either used to be too tight or never fit, are now fitting and even too big. It is just such a great feeling to actually be able to fit in clothes I never thought I could. I now treat this as a lifestyle, where both working and working out are essential. I know without the workouts the stress alone gets the better of me. The fact is, I genuinely enjoy them. I have made some great friends along the way that are nothing but supportive as well. Sharon is a phenomenal trainer that works you hard and keeps you motivated. I didn't gain the weight overnight and it has taken time and perseverance to lose it. I know I would not be half as successful (if at all), without her pushing me and encouraging me along the way. I am so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone eight months ago to start this journey. I know I have a lot further to go but now have confidence I can eventually get there! I can honestly say I have never felt this good and healthy in my entire life.

— Michelle M.

I’ve been taking classes with Sharon for 2.5 years and I feel great! I had a back injury 4-5 years ago that I’ve “babied” and worried I couldn’t do a lot of exercises. But I’ve found that taking Boot Camp has strengthened my back and core muscles and has helped alleviate a lot of my back pain. And with dropping a few pounds my knees feel better too! I feel stronger and leaner. My upper body strength has greatly improved, as well as a lot more toning of my thighs and butt. I can walk a lot farther and faster before feeling tired. I feel like I stand taller and more proud! I had wanted to try a Boot Camp type class for a long time but was very intimidated. I was afraid all the other class members would be really young and fit, and I would be uncomfortable exercising around them. Luckily I had a friend ask me to take Sharon’s class with her and I gave it a shot. What I found was the class was filled with a broad range of fitness levels and body types and a lot of the participants were just like me! I love that you are so focused on pushing yourself as hard as you can that you don’t pay any attention to anyone around you – which lets you know they aren’t watching you either so you don’t feel self-conscious. I have also found that taking Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training classes have been a great way to make me more accountable. When you make a financial commitment to these classes, it makes you show up which is half the battle. I also love the camaraderie of everyone in the classes and I look forward to going to class to see what we will do each time as it is always different. I used to dread going to the gym and often never made it. I’ve really enjoyed working with Sharon and I like her style of teaching. She’s not overly aggressive or pushy but encourages you to push yourself and be accountable. I find that I want to make her proud and not just please myself. And I’ve noticed my daughters taking an interest in doing more exercise since they see me going to classes and feeling more fit.

— Tara W.

I enjoy MET class because the class is small enough that I feel like I am getting personal training yet having others in the class helps me push myself.

— Kim D.

I definitely would recommend Sharon's MET class. I love the small group setting as opposed to a big gym.  It's a really great workout and she makes it fun!  I feel like I'm getting stronger every day!!

— Andrea T.

I’ve been working with Sharon for about 2.5 years, and my how time flies when you’re having fun! I have always loved being active and sweating! But Boot Camp and MET are like nothing I did before. They are challenging and each class is different which I love. Sharon always keeps me on my toes! I like working with Sharon because she is a great motivator and extremely knowledgeable. She makes working out fun and keeps it interesting. She also has a great sense of humor, which I appreciate when I’m on burpee #15 ;). I’m stronger and slimmer than when I started. I feel more confident, and I think that comes across. She kicked my butt in my first Boot Camp class, and I loved it so much I now see her 4x per week—2x in Boot Camp and 2x in Metabolic Explosion Training! I want to tell others who want to change their bodies to JUST DO IT. Stop thinking about it. What is there to think about? If you care about your health, your body, your jeans size—whatever it is—do it for yourself. And know that Sharon will be there to support you through it!  

— Erika S.

I enjoy the Saturday morning MET class because I feel good and accomplished after the session has ended which keeps me physically motivated for the rest of the day.

— Julie S.

I just finished tennis and played much stronger than usual. I'm thinking I like Sharon's Metabolic Explosion Training classes.

— Leigh L.

Before I started Metabolic Explosion Training Class, I felt like I needed to add something to my existing workout routine and diet. I wanted to look and feel more fit and leaner. Now I feel more fit and stronger. I like my body more now than I did a year ago. I would recommend MET Class to others because the class provides a great opportunity to vary your workout routine in a non competitive supportive environment. I trust Sharon as a trainer.

— Eileen H.

I would recommend Workouts To Go to others because they are perfect for people with busy schedules. You don't have to be at a gym between certain hours or make a class. You can fit these in whenever and wherever you have time. They are also great for people doing other things that want to add variety to their workouts. While the exercises are similar to what we do in MET class, the resistance bands make the workout feel totally different and challenging.

The personalization Sharon is able to do with these workouts is great. Right now, she is helping me target a specific area where I am lacking in strength and flexibility. This is the first time since the injury that I've been able to focus on that one area and try to improve my range of motion.

— Korie C.

Just want to let you know I had the best physical ever!! I had not been for a physical for about 2 1/2 years but at my last one, my cholesterol was 224, with my bad cholesterol high and good cholesterol low.  Now my cholesterol is 180.  All of my risk factors are gone due to eating much better and consistent exercise. Thank you for keeping me motivated, healthy and your MET classes are a lot of fun!!!

— Laura

I’m 61 and have been working with Sharon for a couple of years. Exercise is important to me because my mother’s quality of life was severely compromised by heart disease during her later years so I have a genetic predisposition for heart disease, as well as high blood pressure. Being active and controlling my weight are important for me to prevent the heart disease that runs in my family. About two years ago, my friend told me about Sharon’s Boot Camp. I decided to try it and started going once a week. What I really like about Sharon’s training is that it is a total body workout…it is hard, but do-able at your personal best. After about 8 months, I added a Metabolic Explosion Training class. These are very effective workouts in a moderate amount of time. I can make myself finish, because each move is 40 seconds and Sharon really motivates you to finish. Before doing Sharon’s classes I was beginning to feel some discomfort in one of my knees and one of my shoulders. I was attributing these aches to “aging”. After 4 weeks of class, these discomforts went away – strengthening the muscles has been such a benefit. Because I enjoy strength training with weights, I have also had Sharon provides me with an effective online fitness program using hand weights and body weight. I do these 2 to 3 times a week at home. Since working with Sharon, I have more energy and stamina. My sleeping patterns have improved. I have even made Sharon’s brag board on several occasions. But I can honestly say that I cannot believe I can do a push up! In fact I can do 25 push ups at a time. I never thought I would see this day. In addition, I have maintained my health goals. About 3 years ago, the high blood pressure that runs in my family, hit me. With only a low dose anti-hypertension medication and consistent exercise and weight management, and a healthy diet, I have controlled my blood pressure. Also in the past year, I have reduced my overall cholesterol by 28 points. Now, I like that I am feeling good, having energy, sleeping well, and looking forward to the day. Sharon gives us very effective workouts in a moderate amount of time. She ensures that you perform the move to get the most out of the exercise. I love the variety. Sharon keeps it fun and is very motivational.

— Karen H.

Thank you for making trying on/buying pants enjoyable again! I'll admit I hate buying pants or shorts (which is one reason why I wear lots of skirts & dresses). But since I've been on your Meal Plan, well, I went to the Gap Outlet on Friday - and I ended up buying 6 pairs of pants - ALL IN ONE SMALLER SIZE!!

— Donna C.

I have worked with Sharon for more than a year, starting in Boot Camp and then adding Metabolic Explosion Training classes. I have lost 12 lbs. as well as inches in my thighs and waist. I must wear a belt with all of my jeans, and really need to get some suspenders for my workout pants. (ha) I have gone from wearing a large in tops to a medium and have also gained a lot of muscle in my upper body. When I first started with Sharon, I was not even able to do a push up without modifying it. Now, I have more energy and do not get as winded when playing sports like soccer and volleyball. If I could give advice to others, I would tell you that I was not in the best of shape when I started and it is a slow battle, but it is definitely worth the time and effort.

— Kim L.

I initially joined Metabolic Explosion Training class because I wanted to change my body and get toned. I felt flabby, not strong. Now I feel leaner and stronger. MET class is a way to change up your workout routine and get stronger each week.

— Kristie E.

You do a great job of explaining the exercises in Metabolic Explosion Training class, and pushing me to go further than I think I can. The exercises are not monotonous and predictable. I have seen great improvements in my strength and flexibility. I couldn't do a wall sit for 20 seconds when I started, now I can do it for a minute....I have more energy, and am more confident.

I would recommend MET class because it pushes you to the next level.  I have done workouts in this class that I would have never tried or thought I would be able to complete.  When Sharon tells you that you can do it, she's right...you can!

Your Nutrition class helped me to understand easy ways to eat healthy.

— Erin P.

I would recommend Metabolic Explosion Training class because it is an awesome workout and there is always something new! It is a class that is never boring!

— Tamara

Before I started Metabolic Explosion Training class, I felt run down, out of shape. I would recommend MET class to others because it is a life-changing event. It's challenging and fun, and you can tell each time that you worked out. And I love your Meal Plan!

— Jennifer K.

I would recommend Metabolic Explosion Training class because it pushes you to the next level. I have done workouts in this class that I would have never tried or thought I would be able to complete. When Sharon tells you that you can do it, she's right...you can!

— Erin

This is the first time I have ever stuck with a workout program, and it's more than a year. I get bored easily and with MET class I do not think I have ever done the same workout twice. I love the variety, challenge and the people. I look forward to going to class every week!!

— Kelly C.

I definitely would recommend Sharon's Metabolic Explosion Training class. I love the small group setting as opposed to a big gym. It's a really great workout and she makes it fun! I feel like I'm getting stronger every day!!

— Andrea

I have been an athlete my whole life, being active has always been an important part of who I am and how I see myself. I played college volleyball. Since college I have continued to play sports as much as I can. I have most consistently played indoor soccer. I started taking Boot Camp about 2 years ago and added Metabolic Explosion Training class about a year later. I did it because I found myself wanting more. I wanted to add another class during the week and get rid of my gym membership. I no longer felt the need to go to the gym when I was getting such a good workout with Sharon. I also really like the idea of adding weights, stability ball, TRX, etc. to my workout. These classes are the best workout that I have found since I graduated college. I had been looking for something like this for years and once I found it, I didn’t want to stop. I became addicted and it became a part of my normal routine. When I have to miss a class I feel like something is missing! I feel great after every workout! The workouts are always different and go so fast! I look forward to the workouts each week because of the people I have met and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Several months ago, I learned I was pregnant, and after talking with my doctor, he gave me the only green light to stick with my routine. It was the best decision I made. I quickly realized that I often felt better after working out. Therefore, it was never a hard decision to make it to class each week. There came a time during my pregnancy where I began to modify my workouts because I no longer could do an exercise like I could before. For example, laying on my belly to do superman/banana or when my belly grew too large I could no longer do narrow stance squats. However, this did not stop me or Sharon to come up with a replacement exercise. Sharon was always very attentive to the modifications that I needed and made sure I was okay with what I was doing. We had open communication and she provided me with an environment where I felt very comfortable in. Sharon was awesome throughout my entire pregnancy! She was always very supportive and proud of me for just showing up to class. However, this did not stop her from pushing me to do my best, regardless if my best was one push up or 15! She knew that I wanted to continue to work out and it was very important to me so she helped me achieve this goal. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I still felt comfortable in her classes. Everyone I was in class with could not have been more supportive of me and encouraging! They always expressed how proud of me they were and that I was a role model to them because if I could work out while pregnant they could do it as well. I feel like it pushed everyone to do a little bit better. I also knew that it didn’t matter what anyone else in class was doing. I had to always do what was best for me. If I couldn’t perform an exercise it didn’t mean I was out of shape or less of an athlete. I had to look out for myself because it was no longer just about me – I had to do what was best for my unborn child. I had a goal to work out my entire pregnancy and I achieved that goal. I went to MET class on Sunday and delivered my daughter Willow on Thursday! I also returned to classes when I was cleared by my doctor.

— Tracey C.

I would like to also say thank you for the encouraging words again last night during Metabolic Explosion Training. I was thinking exactly what you said - about 6 weeks ago or even 12 weeks ago, how much of tonight's workout I could have completed. Keep up the great work and variety of workout as it makes it fun and enjoyable to workout!!!....Tonight at volleyball I did 2 things that I have not even tried for years. First one was blocking and I actually did get a block! I have not blocked (or even attempted to block) anyone in so long that I forgot what it feels like!!! AWESOME!!! Second was actually jumping and spiking the ball down with authority. I have been just standing and hitting the volleyball. My timing and legs just never seemed to have the energy or strength to jump. My team was as surprised as I was!

— Tamara

I started working with Sharon in Boot Camp and added Metabolic Explosion Training classes just a few months later. I now feel stronger and my arms are more toned. I was able to join my teenagers by climbing out of the water and up a rope ladder while on vacation and I could not have done that before. My golf game has improved. I have more control and I am able to get more distance. I run occasionally with friends and even without consistent training I can keep up for shorter distance runs. In the past, I had dislocated my left shoulder twice and always felt that my left side was weaker. Now I feel just as confident with my left as my right side. If I could give advice to others, I would tell them that working out with a small group is very motivating. Sharon keeps the focus on proper technique to avoid injury and is able to modify the exercises as you build strength.

— Lynne D.

I joined MET to help me with two goals. #1- to regain my overall strength after a leg injury last summer left me completely drained and out of shape and #2 - to complete the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Doing #2 was completely dependent on accomplishing #1 and I accomplished both with your help!

— Julie M.

I’m 32, have been married for 3 years, and my husband Matt and I are expecting our first baby later this year. I’ve always struggled with my weight but have made a good effort since college to be active. Usually this involved things like walking, light weight work, and the elliptical. Last year I decided to try Boot Camp, and liked it so much that I also added Metabolic Explosion Training class. I’ve noticed a huge difference in both my endurance level and my strength. I’m continuing to exercise during my pregnancy because I want to try and maintain the fitness level that I’ve built up across the past year. From research and talking with friends, I’ve learned that pregnancy can be easier and more comfortable when you stay active. During my pregnancy, I’m aiming to gain no more than 18 pounds. A funny number, but this is within the recommended range for my size and, as long as I am able to maintain the same, or a similar, level of exercise throughout and eat relatively well, it should be doable. I also want to continue building strength in my arms and back, as I know that will be helpful when I start toting around our baby. Growing strong enough to do “real” push ups consistently will help with that. And the bear push ups are helping with that goal! If I could give advice to other women who are pregnant or who are considering starting a family, I would say that if you want to stay fit and proceed with your regular exercise routine – do it! I’ve had a great pregnancy so far, and know that this has helped. I’ve had a lot of people act surprised that I’m still going to Boot Camp and MET while carrying a baby, but even more people have been impressed and supportive (which feels good!). Ask your doctor if you have any concerns, and be specific about your activities. It made me more comfortable to get my doctor’s buy-in. Asking questions and getting their advice also helps me to respond when people say things like “you shouldn’t do any exercises on your back – it’s bad for the baby”. So many of those comments are misunderstood or blown out of proportion. In general, my doctors say I can proceed with my normal routine – you just need to pay attention to your body and know when to slow down/back off/take it easy when needed. And so far, so good! My husband recently started taking Boot Camp as well. It’s been fun and encouraging to do this side-by-side, and I think it will continue to motivate me as my pregnancy proceeds and my belly gets bigger. It’s nice for him to see what I can handle, too!   Update: My daughter Dagny is 10 weeks old. My last MET class was 11/10. I chose to stop then as my due date was 11/18, and I was becoming anxious about when and where I would go into labor! For the most part I still felt comfortable in class, though some exercises were becoming more difficult. I had a wonderful pregnancy, and I largely attribute that to my exercise regimen. I wasn’t sick, I was comfortable despite my growing belly, and felt pretty energetic most of the time. I also had a speedy labor and delivery. From the time my water broke to the time that Dagny was born was a total of one hour and 35 minutes. I can’t help but think that continuing to strengthen my body with exercise throughout my pregnancy played a role in a great birthing experience. I also felt really good afterwards – a few of our hospital visitors commented on how I was already up and about! At 6 weeks post-pregnancy, I returned to taking MET class twice a week. I feel great! The first week back was a little rough on my body, as expected, but my soreness lasted only a couple days. Sometimes I still feel a little slower than usual, but I’ll get there. Overall, I think it’s been going very well! If I could give advice to other women who are pregnant or who are considering starting a family, I would tell them that if you are already exercising – stick with it if your pregnancy allows, and ask your doctor if you have any concerns. During my pregnancy a lot of people in my life expressed concerns about me continuing my exercise routine. But, all of the doctors at my practice agreed that I could continue my regimen (whatever I had already been doing) as long as I felt comfortable. I did, so I kept going, and I am so glad I stuck with it. For someone who just had a baby? Don’t be afraid to get back to exercising! As long as your doctor approves, it can help to increase energy and feel like yourself again. Plus, it gets you out of the house! We all need a little “me” time. Sharon and my fellow Boot Campers and MET classers were a wonderful support system for me. It was so motivating to hear their kind words and thoughtful check-ins throughout my pregnancy, and afterward as well. It definitely inspired me to keep coming back! Thanks to all of you!

— Courtney C.

I am 32 years old and have worked for 10 years at Mercy Hospital Anderson as a labor and delivery nurse and for the past 2 years I have been working at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in an OB clinic with the indigent population. I grew up in a family where eating healthy and exercise were considered important, yet I have never stuck with a particular exercise routine over the years. I take both Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training classes every week. I’m pregnant with my third child. I have a daughter, Jillian, who is 7 and my son Logan is 4. I did not exercise during my other pregnancies but I’m choosing to exercise during this pregnancy because I felt I was in a good routine prior to getting pregnant and hope to stay in a routine until (and especially AFTER) baby arrives. My other main reason for exercising in pregnancy is in preparation for labor and delivery. You wouldn’t expect anyone to run a race without some conditioning first, and the laboring process is no different! I chose to not take any pain medication or an epidural with my last delivery and it was by far my best delivery of the 2 and I hope to go natural with this baby as well. I also remember taking care of a lot of patients after their epidurals wore off. It was common to hear them say “I feel like I got run over by a truck!” Often, that has little to do with the epidural itself, but rather, people forget that just because you lose sensation (feelings of your labor progressing), it doesn’t mean your body isn’t still experiencing them. Being physically fit will allow for more strength and stamina during the marathon of labor, regardless of my method of pain control. Of course, I’m also hoping to lose the pregnancy weight a little faster!!! In fact, after having our baby, I hope to jump back into my exercise routine as quickly as possible and get my body back to its pre-pregnancy state. And by pre-pregnancy state, I mean prior to baby #1! I also enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they try to help me because “you’re pregnant,” and I tell them “I got this, I’m still doing Boot Camp!” If I could give some advice to other women who are pregnant or who are considering starting a family, I would tell them to take it one day at a time. There will be days of ups and downs, but try to get some type of exercise in most days of the week. Also, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a few days or even a week, there is always tomorrow or next week to look forward to feeling better. Remember, your little one is dependent on your health and well-being!   Update: My son Hudson is now 3 months old. Exercising helped me to have a fast and easy labor and delivery. I’m telling you, my baby basically fell out! Woohoo! I’m not sure if exercising has anything to do with the amount of milk you produce when you are breastfeeding, but I find it interesting that I am producing an enormous amount of milk with this baby. I did not exercise during pregnancy with my other children, so I’m able to compare. I like to think that exercise or just being healthier has something to do with it, so if that helps others to start or continue an exercise routine, then we can just assume it’s true! I returned to taking MET class twice per week and the treadmill or elliptical 3-4 times per week. I feel great! If I could give advice to women who are pregnant or who are considering starting a family, I would tell them that if you aren’t exercising, start! If you are exercising, just continue to do what you can. Every little bit helps. There were days I would come home from MET class or Boot Camp and collapse on my bed and have my husband pry my sports bra off of me, but mentally I felt like I accomplished something even if I only did 2 burpees in 40 seconds. And post-pregnancy? Get back into your exercise routine. The fun times in class and support from other women is great to have. That goes for anyone, whether you have kids or not. We all need a place to go where we feel comfortable and can have fun and for me that is MET class and my fellow MET classers (or Boot Camp).

— Jen B.

Before I started Metabolic Explosion Training class, I felt out of shape, no energy, and wasn't very confident about myself. Now I am in the best shape I've ever been, a lot more energy, and a new found confidence about myself.

— Nichole D.

Losing weight and getting fit is not easy. It takes perseverance, dedication, patience and time. I am excited and motivated about the progress I have made. It's not just the loss of weight and inches but the overall good health and fitness/strength that I have gained under her training. I am not sure that I could have stayed as dedicated or achieved so much if it were not for Sharon, the support I get from my family as they see that I am happier and more energetic, and the group of women who attend Metabolic Explosion Training class. As we are working out, we are sharing different thoughts and sharing interests and cheering each other on through some challenging routines. I look forward to each class because of the camaraderie and the physical benefits.

— Linda

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