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Travel and Diet

Traveling for work or pleasure doesn’t mean you have to lose ground on the progress you’ve made with your diet.  An easy travel and diet meal is protein powder and almonds or oatmeal.

The almonds and oatmeal can be measured out and placed in baggies. Put each serving in a small baggie so it is ready to use when you want. Along with them, it’s easy to pack your whey, vegan, or collagen peptides protein powder, and other supplements and take them with you, either in a carry-on bag or in your checked luggage.

How should you plan?

Let’s say you’ll need 10 scoops of protein to stay on your plan while you are out of town.  Measure out 12 – 14 and place them in a gallon-size freezer bag.  Drop the scoop itself into the bag.  Seal it.  Double check it is sealed. Place that bag in another gallon-size freezer bag.  Seal it.  Double-check it.

clear bag holding protein powder

Why?  Well, the extra protein is because you never, ever want to get stuck in an airport, hotel room, at your in-laws, or anywhere else without an easy go-to meal, whether it’s a shake or even a pudding.

Freezer bags are thicker than regular baggies, and the double bag method is to prevent the bag from being unintentionally punctured which would not only spread protein powder all over the inside of your luggage (imagine what it would take to remove the powder!!) but also leave you without many meals that you planned on eating! Bury a scoop in the baggie so you can measure accurately.

You could use regular baggies or small containers for your vitamins, fish oil, or glutamine. Place 2 or 3 of the smaller bags into a single freezer gallon-size bag.

Packing this way saves a lot of room in your bag, and still allows you to stay on plan.