General Health

Travel and Diet

Traveling for work or pleasure doesn’t mean you have to lose ground on the progress you’ve made with your diet.  An easy travel and diet meal is protein powder and almonds or oatmeal. The almonds and oatmeal can be measured out and placed in baggies. Put each serving in a[…]

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clear bag holding protein powder

Raise Your Metabolism

One way to help lose weight is to raise your metabolism. We hear this a lot but what does it really mean? Let’s start at the beginning. Did you know that metabolism was originally called “insensible perspiration”? In the 1600s, Santorio Santorio performed controlled experiments by weighing himself in a[…]

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metabolism definition

The Truth About Carbs

Social media, online articles, print magazines, TV news shows – they all claim that their latest story has discovered the truth about carbs. I do not believe that carbs are the enemy, but instead that certain types of carbs are better for you than others. And like all foods, if[…]

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carbs sign

Your Comfort Zone

If you want to make a change, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Sounds cliche, but it is real. You will know you are outside of your comfort zone when you feel a twinge of panic, your heart rate sharply rises, you break into a[…]

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Knee Popping

You bend down and hear it. You stand up and hear it. You think to yourself “Is that my knee popping?” Is it dangerous? Is it indicating a problem you should have a doctor look at? If you experience pain while climbing steps, it could be an early sign of[…]

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The Rice Krispies characters snap, crackle, and pop to show the noise that a knee popping may sound like