Erika S.

Erika S.

I initially chose Fresh Food Delivery Service because it’s convenient and the food is healthy. The cod, cilantro lime brown rice, and spinach is DELICIOUS. The cod was light and flaky, mildly seasoned, and the rice was cooked perfectly with great flavor. I loved mixing it with my spinach. I also can’t say enough about the salmon, quinoa, and asparagus. YUM. The salmon is cooked just right and well seasoned. The quinoa and asparagus were a great accompaniment. Another meal that was good is the steak, cilantro lime brown rice, and green beans. The steak is juicy and flavorful, and the green beans and cilantro lime brown rice went very well as sides. Like having a steakhouse dinner at my desk! I have bought Lean Cuisine in the past and this Fresh Food Delivery Service is WAY better. I would recommend it to others because it’s convenient, tasty, and really makes eating healthy simple.

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