Beth M.

Beth M.

I was a little hesitant of trying DPL since it was unfamiliar, but got really excited about trying it after hearing from so many other Metabolic Explosion Training classmates that it was helpful. I have had a nagging pain in my shoulder for about 10 months – it really just became part of my life, as I just worked around it – but pulling the covers up, picking up kids or bags hurt, and sleeping on my side or exercising on that side was uncomfortable, and my range of motion without pain was limited.

After the first session there was a marked difference, and I slept on my side without any discomfort. As I continued therapy, my range of motion without pain vastly improved, and this past Monday I did side tri-rises and full arm circles without any discomfort! I can stretch out my shoulder without pain and it feels good! I’m happy that I did it. I waited too many months with ice and Advil without long term relief.

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