Leisa F.

Leisa F.

I had excruciating neck pain that was radiating down my right  arm.  It was so bad that I was not sleeping at night.  The chiropractor believed it was a pinched nerve and suggested treatment 3 times a week for 3 weeks and if it wasn’t getting better then would recommend getting an MRI.

I did the chiropractic treatment but wanted to see if Deep Penetrating Light therapy would help speed up the healing process.  It did!  After the first DPL treatment, I was able to sleep that night.  I still had pain in the morning but it was significantly less than before.  I continued the DPL therapy 3 more times in between trips to the chiropractor.

At the end of 2 weeks, my pain was gone and the chiropractor was amazed.  He said he was really surprised that I was feeling so well so quickly.

I highly recommend giving DPL therapy a try.  I truly believe it made a huge difference in my recovery.

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