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Virtual Training

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What Is Virtual Training?

These live classes and personal training sessions provide all of the benefits of in-person training but in a convenient and effective way from home or while travelling.


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What Should I Expect?

You will be led through exercises to help with

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle build
  • More energy
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased strength
  • More endurance
  • Improved balance and mobility
  • Greater flexibility


Additionally, you will benefit from

  • No travel time
  • No childcare arrangements needed
  • Only limited equipment required


What Do I Need To Know Ahead Of Time?

Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes. Cross-trainers are suggested. Eliminate distractions from your workout area, and have water nearby, a towel if you need one, and an exercise mat.

When Are Classes Held?

Contact me for the current class schedule.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the many benefits of working virtually is that there are no activation fees,  facility fees, maintenance fees, or any other hidden costs. Instead, you are investing your money for the personal attention, experience, and knowledge of the trainer.

See details on ALL available classes and find the ones that are the best for you!



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I like the different types of classes: I can take Boot Camp, MET, or Pumping Iron classes.  I like how the exercises change up in each class. For instance, I routinely take a MET class and the activities we do are different each time.

— Todd S.

I prefer the virtual training from home option.  I like not having to get a babysitter for my daughter and the time savings on travel.  I also like the accountability of having a scheduled check-in.

— Dana P.

I really enjoy the ease of access of virtual training. We don’t have to set aside time to drive to and fro. It's right in my house! I like that we’re getting your full attention, can’t think of a way to improve it. And what a great program - easy to commit and we’re getting results with your coaching!

— Ed B.

My husband and I started personal training with Sharon about four months ago, right in the middle of COVID, and we couldn’t be happier. We have been able to take classes via Zoom, which is safe but still amazingly effective. Sharon is creative and supportive in our training, and she makes each class a lot of fun (except for that one exercise ... ha ha). I can’t believe how much strength I’ve built in a short time – Sharon definitely gets results! I love being able to eliminate the drive time to the studio. That makes it much more convenient and will help my husband and I keep on. While I know there are more options if we were to be in your studio, saving 45+ minutes twice a week is a big benefit for us. I love the variety of exercises we are able to do at home. I am so happy with how this has been going

— Andrea B.

I love doing this from home in virtual classes!!!

— Tanya L.

I really didn't think I would like the virtual training but I have come to love the no travel time....There is no way I could go into a gym to exercise and wear a mask.

— Michelle S.

I enjoy the online format because there isn't a commute time which is a benefit due to family obligations.

— Jen R.