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What is Your Push Up Strength?

Do you want to know your push up strength?

The first step is to ensure you are using proper form. If possible, have a friend take a photo or video of you performing push ups. Compare your form to this checklist.

push up alignment

After you have ensured you following all 5 of these steps, then perform push ups with a two count on the way down and a two count on the way up. Be sure to count 0-1-2 to get the full 2 second count.

Based on this, the researchers calculated the percentage of your bodyweight that you are actually pushing when you perform different types of push ups, or in other words, your push up strength.  This is what they found:

Feet elevated on a 24″ box – 74%
Feet elevated on a 12″ box – 70%
Regular Push Ups  – 64%
Hands elevated on a 12″ box – 55%
Knee Push Ups – 49%
Hands elevated on a 24″ box – 41%

What does this mean to you?  Well, it probably means something different to everyone.  For some, it shows how much progress you can make as you continue to get stronger.  For others, it could encourage you to try more difficult push ups for a bigger challenge.  No matter your answers, you now have a better idea of how strong you really are.  Don’t forget – when performing push ups, proper form trumps quantity!



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