Fresh Food Delivery

Roz K.

I have been enjoying Icon Meals for quite a while now. They are tasty, healthy and convenient. However, now with limited access to groceries, I am glad to have this alternative to shopping. I recently ordered several Signature Meals and also “built” my own Custom Meals. I highly recommend this[…]

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I recently had shoulder replacement surgery and have been unable to use my right hand. These dinners are not only convenient – easy to open and to eat – but delicious as well. The Low Carb Shrimp Stir Fry is one of my favorite dishes. It has plentiful, nice-sized shrimp[…]

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Cindy H.

I contacted Sharon for help with nutrition because I wanted to lose weight, but I don’t have time or the want to cook/meal prep. I needed something convenient.  Since ordering these meals, I am eating a lot better foods without having to meal prep. We’ve ordered both the weekly specials and[…]

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Marty & Carolyn C.

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh food delivery meal combinations we have received. We’re not fitness devotees but the freshness, quality and taste of these meals have really surprised us. My favorites are the bison & fish while my wife enjoys the chicken. They are easy[…]

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Beth M.

I chose Fresh Food Delivery because it is healthy and convenient. I’m having success with my Meal Plan, but in a rush it’s sometimes hard to stay on it. These custom built meals make it easy to follow my Plan. The food looks and tastes delicious, and is really easy[…]

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Kim L.

The fresh food delivery meals are delicious. So far, my favorite is the salmon with brown rice and broccoli, but I also tried the steak, ground turkey, and bison which were also great meals.  It was so easy to order and cooking it was so simple.  Just throw it in the microwave for 2 1/2[…]

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Jeff C.

My first fresh food delivery meal was the salmon, asparagus, and quinoa. Everything was very tasty. The salmon was seasoned very well, the asparagus was very good, and I liked the quinoa too!!

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I had my first Fresh Food Delivery meal!!! Ground turkey, cilantro brown rice and spinach! It was quite yummy!!! Wow! Perfectly seasoned! I was very surprised how much food was in the container once I put it on my plate!!!! Looking forward to trying the salmon and tilapia!!!!

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Roz G.

I originally thought of “fresh food delivery service” as just a convenience but was very pleasantly surprised at the taste, variety and quality of the food.  I particularly like the tilapia, bison and turkey.  Add wild rice, quinoa or another side along with a vegetable such as green beans or[…]

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Korie C.

I started eating my Fresh Food Delivery custom meals a few days ago. Now, I have made various combinations using chicken, beef, turkey, steak, bison, salmon, and tilapia. So far, every combination has looked and tasted amazing! My first was turkey with brown rice and green beans. It was amazing![…]

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