Julie S.

Sharon encourages me to try new things that I may have previously thought that I couldn’t do.  She brings positive reinforcement to working out which I like.  I did have a gym membership in the past, but there was never anyone there to motivate or encourage me to keep pushing[…]

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Kristi S.

I am 49 years old and the mother of three teenagers: 19, 17, and 14.  Four years ago I was at my highest weight ever. I had worked with personal trainers at two different gyms, taken aerobics, tried kick-boxing, running, walking, home workouts, and spinning. Then I met Sharon. The first[…]

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Susan B.

Susan lost 20 lbs. and 18″ while learning the skills not only to lose the weight but how to keep it off.

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Tanya D.

Before working with Sharon, I had hit a plateau that I could not overcome, causing me to continue trying different things with little to no success. Sharon’s program has helped me get back on track and set aside dedicated time for me. I have found that I now enjoy evening[…]

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Angie M.

I went shopping yesterday for clothes for Spring Break. I knew my size 10 shorts from last summer probably wouldn’t fit so I took a 6 and an 8 into the dressing room. They were both too big! I had lost 10″! In the past I had done Jazzercise and[…]

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Laura J.

I have a before and after pic of my midsection. I took the before about three months ago right before I started taking Sharon’s protein powder and the after, I took last night after Boot Camp. I just wanted to share how taking your Boot Camp and MET Classes combined[…]

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Michelle E.

My name is Michelle Ellis and I’m a recovering food alcoholic. I have been working with Sharon for a full year now mostly in Personal Training, but recently in MET class too. I found my first day with Sharon to be challenging but rewarding. I was glad she was not[…]

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