Linda C.

Linda C.

I have found the G Butters to be very satisfying to eat.  They really manage the sweet tooth for me!  They are convenient and easy.  Brownie Batter reminds me of a childhood memory but it’s so much healthier.  We would get Jif brownie mix that came in a small box, add an egg and eat it straight from the box.  Definitely delicious but not healthy.  With G Butter I can relive the memory but know that I am getting a healthy snack which satisfies my sweet tooth. I put a little on a plate, microwave and enjoy!  It’s a treat I am not sharing with my family because once they try it, I know it won’t be there when I want some.  Let them eat cake while I munch on some G Butter.

I generally pop my serving into the microwave and enjoy a cakey treat.  I have eaten this as part of breakfast (Cinnamon Bun) as an afternoon or evening snack.   My favorite by far has been Brownie Batter but I am looking forward to trying Sugar Cookie.

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