Leisa F.

Leisa F.

I first used the Firefly after walking over 13 miles to watch my husband run the Chicago Marathon.  My legs were incredibly sore by the end of the day. I wore the device for an hour before going to bed and woke up with no soreness.

I again used the Firefly after a leg day workout followed by a Boot Camp class. My legs were sore!!  Like last time, I used it for an hour and I felt much better in the morning.

From here forward, I plan to use it after difficult leg workouts and also after a long day of gardening when I’m lifting bags of mulch, moving large rocks, and things like that.

I like it because it is easy to wear and can be used while doing other activities.  And most importantly, it works! It’s a good value, and it’s nice that my husband and I can share it. He used it after running the Chicago Marathon.

I would tell others who are considering it that if you often have leg soreness and really hate the day after leg day, I recommend giving it a try. Just imagine not dreading the stairs the day after a great workout. 🙂

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