Kevin C

Kevin C

The Firefly recovery device is the bomb. Let me explain that this is not some high-priced professional athlete-only product. If you have sore legs, ankles, or feet for any reason, from exercise to everyday activity, this is not only better but also faster than any copper socks, compression socks, or heating pads. It is more affordable and so easy to use. Plus each set lasts for 30 hours.

Here is my personal story. I workout regularly, taking Metabolic Explosion Training, that keeps me, at 52 years old, able to do all the things I want and enjoy doing. On this past Saturday morning, I started on a patio project that included laying 4 tons of flagstone and 1 ton of stacking stone. It also happened to be 90 degrees outside. After 10 hours of grueling work, my legs from the knees down were killing me. They ached so much. I used the Firefly for an hour and the recovery was unbelievable. For just a $1 an hour, this device works miracles. Whether you are a professional-level or Olympic athlete, or a  weekend/armchair QB, this is the best product I have found that really works.

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