Jenny G.

Jenny G.

My 18 year old athlete son can’t get enough of Brownie Batter G Butter.  He has it almost every morning as part of his breakfast, and sometimes as an after-practice snack.  I don’t dare take any of the Brownie Batter – it’s his!  The Cookie Dough G Butter is super yummy!  This is the G Butter we share.  Sometimes we do half-n-half with another variety.  It is the all purpose G Butter.  Birthday Cake is my favorite.  It’s freakin’ good!  And the Sugar Cookie is pretty darn yummy.  Both my son and I eat all of these flavors by spooning them into a shallow dish and microwaving it for 45 seconds. This gives you a nice fluffy brownie.  We think G Butter is very tasty and very filling.  When I eat it, it is my breakfast – along with a glass of milk….G Butter is far and away our favorite!

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