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Make the Most of Your Workout Plan

There are different ways to make the most of your workout plan. Follow these simple steps to get the body you want in less time.

1. Your Workout Program. Design your workouts so they are effective and efficient.  Hiring a personal trainer to do this will ensure all muscle groups are engaged, and your workout plan can include proper modifications or progressions. Unless you are training for a bodybuilding competition or an endurance event, there is no reason to spend 2 or more hours in a gym every day.  If you are weight training, choose 3-, 4- or 5- day splits, and factor in 3 – 5 cardio sessions each week. Intensity is key.

2. Your Workout Structure. On days where you are more strapped for time, superset.  For instance, if you are working your chest and back, instead of completing 4 sets of a chest exercise with a rest period in between each set, then doing the same with a back exercise, superset the moves.  Perform one set of the chest exercise immediately followed by one set of the back exercise and then rest before repeating it three more times.

Another option is to perform a circuit with little or no rest in between exercises.

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3. Train for Your Goals. Understand the exercise you are performing and the effect it will have on your body.  If you want to lose fat, performing slow steady cardio on a treadmill isn’t as effective as interval training.

4. Quit Chatting. If you are serious about reaching your goals, then stop talking with others and turn off your phones.  You don’t need to post on social media that you are at the gym. Instead, if you work hard while in the gym, everyone who sees you outside of the gym will know it. Keep moving through your workout without getting distracted.

To get the most out of every workout, work with a personal trainer to design a program that is specific to your goals. Those found online are generic and not custom-tailored to you. For quicker results, add personalized meal planning and you will be amazed at your success!