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Lower Back Pain

Did you know that 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain?

It can be caused by a strain, structural problems like a damaged vertebrae or sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, a bad mattress, even bending or turning awkwardly.

Once it happens, at best we are in a lot of discomfort for several days; at worst, it could mean surgery. Falling somewhere in between these are treatment options – chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture, OTC and prescription drugs, and seeing an osteopath.

Why not take preventive steps?

Exercise can provide this. The benefits of exercise are well documented. It helps to:

  • Increase strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Control weight
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improves mental health and mood
  • Reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Reduce risk of some cancers
  • And many more.

A meta-analysis was performed in an Australian study, where researchers reviewed more than 6,000 studies about back pain prevention. They chose the top 23 based on their methodology methods, and included more than 30,000 participants with back pain. The researchers compared prevention techniques such as education about lifestyle changes, shoe orthotics, back belts, various types of exercise programs and exercise programs that also included some type of education about back-pain prevention.

lower back pain highlighted on man's body


The study’s conclusion was if someone with a history of back pain exercised regularly, s/he was considerably less likely to experience back pain again within a year. And, when assisting your body with proper recovery, you can experience less pain and discomfort.

Dr. Chris Maher, one of the researchers said, “of all the options currently available to prevent back pain, exercise is really the only one with any evidence that it works.”

With so many us suffering from lower back pain at some point in our lives, it seems like a no-brainer to stay consistent with our exercise routine.

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