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Easy Ways to Not Gain Weight During the Holidays

The holidays are here! You don’t need me to tell you about all of the food and drink that will be everywhere you go, tempting you to over-indulge every day until you can no longer button your pants or see your feet. There are easy ways to not gain weight during the holidays.

You can enjoy the holiday parties and family get-togethers without gaining weight. All you need to do is a little planning.

1. Don’t stand near the food and graze. This easily leads to overeating.

cow chewing

2. Bring a low fat, high protein dish to share.

3. Limit alcohol. If you drink wine, beer, or a mixer, sip it. No need to chug. Drink a full glass of water in between each drink.

4. If you are going to a party, eat some fruit or soup before you leave home to reduce your appetite.

5. Pace yourself. Eat slowly. Don’t stuff yourself.

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6. Make a pact with a friend who will help keep you accountable at the party.

7. Keep your normal daily routine as much as possible.

8. Steer clear of dips. This high-calorie food is an easy way to overeat.

9. Eat breakfast every day. I’m not talking about a bowl of sugar-laden cereal. Eat a healthy breakfast with lean protein and complex carbs. For a quick and portable meal, choose a Catalyst Meal Replacement Bar.

10. When going to a restaurant with family, friends, or co-workers, plan what you will eat. Don’t view it as a splurge session. Look at their online menu and choose a healthy meal.

Pass on the appetizer and bread.
Pass on the dessert.
Limit alcohol to one drink or no drinks.

11. Use restraint with baked goods. Crumbs and small pieces of chocolate cake or pumpkin pie DO have calories and fat.

12. Use a small plate.

13. Stick to your exercise routine or better yet, add an extra workout each week.

14. Visit with family and friends and keep talking which by default means less eating and drinking.

Bonus Tip:
15. Plan activities that are not centered around food. Go shopping. Go ice skating.