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Benefits of Personal Training

Working with a certified personal trainer is a fantastic way to reach your goals. There are many benefits of personal training because it is individualized – your trainer will design programs specifically for you, based on your fitness background, your health history, and your goals. But you have a responsibility too. How can you set yourself up to succeed?


  1. Know what your goals are and communicate them. Beating around the bush will only slow your progress and frustrate you. When I begin working with a new client, we first talk about their goals, and then they are asked to complete a short questionnaire designed to dive deeper so I can make sure I learn their true “why”. This is how we can both stay focused on their goal!
  2. Be truthful if you missed a workout or didn’t follow your nutrition plan. Not doing this will only delay your progress.
  3. Focus on the exercise at hand and not view your session as a chat session with a friend. Put your phone away. Stop looking at your watch to read your emails or texts.
  4. Write down questions and bring them with you so you don’t forget them.
  5. Properly fuel yourself before coming to your session. Everyone is different so you will need to determine how much to eat and how soon to eat before your session for the most benefit.
  6. Bring water and a towel. Enhance your recovery by using Glutamine during every session.
  7. Ask questions if you don’t understand anything. Do not assume that the guy or gal you saw on instagram is performing an exercise properly.
  8. Arrive on time or better yet 5 – 10 minutes early.
  9. Understand the cancellation policy and follow it.
  10. Know that your trainer is there to guide and motivate you but you have to do the work if you want to see results.

Take these steps to maximize the benefits of personal training.