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Take the worry away from falling off of your fitness goals. Our trainer will design a plan built to instill healthy habits you enjoy, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Custom Workout Plan

 Trying to find the right exercises is time-consuming. We will handpick exercises that you will not only enjoy doing, but you reach your goals faster.


We know work and other daily activities hold us off from getting to the gym. That’s why we have a wide range of availability to fit with your schedule.

Every Skill Level

Don’t worry if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or if you’re looking for a fitness challenge. Our trainer will help to get you from your current fitness level to where you want to be.

Success Stories

I am 49 years old and the mother of three teenagers: 19, 17, and 14. Four years ago I was at my highest weight ever. I had worked with personal trainers at two different gyms, taken aerobics, tried kick-boxing, running, walking, home workouts, and spinning. Then I met Sharon. The first day of boot camp I could hardly do the “warm-up”. I couldn’t do a push up and had no core strength. After working with Sharon for almost two years, I can run a mile without stopping, perform different kinds of push ups, and have dropped several more pounds. I like that Sharon addresses our diet as well as our workout. Knowing what I know now, I would have started this years ago. I’m so thankful to Sharon!

-Kristi S.

I like that virtual training still allows me to take different types of classes: Boot Camp, MET, or Pumping Iron Classes. I like how the exercises change up in each class. For instance, I routinely take a MET class and the activities we do are different each time.

-Todd S.

Susan lost 20 lbs. and 18″ while learning the skills not only to lose the weight but how to keep it off.

-Susan B.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to use the offer by?

You must have your first session scheduled to begin no later than June 3oth, 2021.

Is this virtual or in-person training?

We would love to work with you in our private fitness studio in Cincinnati. However, we also offer virtual personal training if it is more convenient for you. 

What fitness level do I need to be?

Personal training sessions are just that – personal. They are created for you specifically, based on your fitness levels, medical history, and goals. For this reason, we successfully help beginners to experienced athletes, and everyone in between.

How long of a commitment should I expect?

Change takes time. Magic pills that promise you a new body overnight don’t exist. Based on our years of experience, in 6 months you will have built a new lifestyle to maintain your new weight and your new body. One phase of this body transformation is fat loss or muscle build, depending on your goal. The other part, and some say the more important part, is the maintenance phase. You must learn how to maintain your new body while facing the obstacles of everyday life – birthdays, happy hours, anniversaries, vacations, and the like. Otherwise you will continue to lose and gain the same 20 lbs. over and over again.

Who is the trainer?

You will be working directly with Sharon Chamberlin, the owner of Catalyst 4 Fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and is also certified in Metabolic Training and as a Fitness Physique and Training Specialist. She opened her studio in 2012. Learn more about Sharon here.

What safety precautions are you taking?

We offer both in-person personal training sessions and virtual training sessions. For in-person sessions in our fitness studio, you will be required to produce proof of receiving an EUA-approved covid-19 vaccination.

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