Fresh Food Delivery

You want to look great, feel good, and eat the right foods. But you don’t have the time to go to the grocery, buy all of the ingredients, prepare the meals, and then clean up afterward. What should you do?

This is your answer!

You pick your favorite foods and portion sizes, and they are then made fresh and shipped to you in microwave safe containers – the ultimate fresh food delivery service.

OR, choose from the Weekly Specials which include lunch, dinner, breakfast, and dessert choices.

OR, choose your favorite foods and buy them by the pound.

This includes vegan and gluten-free options.

If you can’t decide which you prefer, you can also mix and match your custom built meals with the weekly specials and bulk foods.

Cooked to Order

beyond burger nutritional information    gluten free macaroni and cheese and its description

Whether you choose to custom build your own meals or buy in bulk, both options easily fit with Online Nutrition Coaching.

Unlike Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, and other packaged meals, these are prepared and shipped fresh using an overnight delivery service. You can then refrigerate or freeze them.

Each meal is packaged with a label listing its contents so you are sure to stay true to your plan.

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Example Combinations

These are just a few of the many combinations you can create for you and your family.


Salmon, Quinoa, Green Beans


Chicken, White Rice, Green Beans


Ground Beef, Sweet Potato, Broccoli


Steak, White Rice, Green Beans


Ground Turkey, White Potato, Asparagus


Tilapia, White Potato, Asparagus

cryovac packaging and its benefits

Use coupon code catalyst4fitness for 10% off!

Small Shipping

I have been enjoying Icon Meals for quite a while now. They are tasty, healthy and convenient. However, now with limited access to groceries, I am glad to have this alternative to shopping. I recently ordered several Signature Meals and also "built" my own Custom Meals. I highly recommend this service.

— Roz K.

I recently had shoulder replacement surgery and have been unable to use my right hand. These dinners are not only convenient - easy to open and to eat - but delicious as well. The Low Carb Shrimp Stir Fry is one of my favorite dishes. It has plentiful, nice-sized shrimp and the stir fry vegetables were crispy and flavorful. The Marinated Salmon combined with Roasted Vegetables served with Rice made an ideal combination – tasty and very satisfying.

— Roz

I contacted Sharon for help with nutrition because I wanted to lose weight, but I don’t have time or the want to cook/meal prep. I needed something convenient.  Since ordering these meals, I am eating a lot better foods without having to meal prep. We’ve ordered both the weekly specials and custom-built our own meals. We’ve enjoyed them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorites so far are the Baked Chicken Bacon Mac and Cheese, and the Cheesy Raviolis, Broccoli, and Beef Marinara. I love how convenient these meals are and they taste very good. They have taught me portion control too. I just started ordering these meals and I have already lost 6 lbs.

— Cindy H.

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh food delivery meal combinations we have received. We're not fitness devotees but the freshness, quality and taste of these meals have really surprised us. My favorites are the bison & fish while my wife enjoys the chicken. They are easy to prepare especially when we are in a hurry.

— Marty & Carolyn C.

I chose Fresh Food Delivery because it is healthy and convenient. I'm having success with my Meal Plan, but in a rush it's sometimes hard to stay on it. These custom built meals make it easy to follow my Plan. The food looks and tastes delicious, and is really easy to prepare. My favorite meal is the steak! In the past I had eaten Lean Cuisine and I must say that Fresh Food Delivery is SO SO MUCH BETTER! I would recommend it to others because it is easy, guilt free, and delicious.

— Beth M.

The fresh food delivery meals are delicious. So far, my favorite is the salmon with brown rice and broccoli, but I also tried the steak, ground turkey, and bison which were also great meals.  It was so easy to order and cooking it was so simple.  Just throw it in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and you are done!

— Kim L.

My first fresh food delivery meal was the salmon, asparagus, and quinoa. Everything was very tasty. The salmon was seasoned very well, the asparagus was very good, and I liked the quinoa too!!

— Jeff C.

I had my first Fresh Food Delivery meal!!! Ground turkey, cilantro brown rice and spinach! It was quite yummy!!! Wow! Perfectly seasoned! I was very surprised how much food was in the container once I put it on my plate!!!! Looking forward to trying the salmon and tilapia!!!!

— Sue

I originally thought of "fresh food delivery service" as just a convenience but was very pleasantly surprised at the taste, variety and quality of the food.  I particularly like the tilapia, bison and turkey.  Add wild rice, quinoa or another side along with a vegetable such as green beans or broccoli and you have a healthy, tasty and satisfying meal. In fact, I had the tilapia, quinoa and broccoli tonight - what a great combination!

— Roz G.

I started eating my Fresh Food Delivery custom meals a few days ago. Now, I have made various combinations using chicken, beef, turkey, steak, bison, salmon, and tilapia. So far, every combination has looked and tasted amazing! My first was turkey with brown rice and green beans. It was amazing! I couldn't believe how delicious it was. The green beans were perfect and I loved the seasoning on the turkey! Another was chicken, wild rice, and green beans.  Delicious!! Yesterday was chicken with cilantro brown rice and broccoli - OMG so delicious!  The chicken tasted like it was fresh off the grill. Today was steak, green beans and sweet potatoes - another win!  The steak was so good. I had placed mine in the freezer, and by heating it up slowly because it was still partially frozen, it didn't get tough or dry.  I was able to cut it easily with a plastic knife because I forgot utensils today. Since eating these meals that I designed, I feel better about my choices, and I don't feel guilty at lunch anymore. The ordering is so easy. It even remembered my choices from before so I didn't have to build them again. With the pre-packaged meals I used to buy, I could taste how full of preservatives they were. These fresh food delivery meals taste like you just made them yourself. I would recommend this to others because it's an easy, affordable way to have healthy meals available, especially for anyone without a lot of spare time. I'm going to order my next round today.  My husband even encouraged me to get a month's supply.

— Korie C.

I initially chose Fresh Food Delivery Service because it's convenient and the food is healthy. The cod, cilantro lime brown rice, and spinach is DELICIOUS. The cod was light and flaky, mildly seasoned, and the rice was cooked perfectly with great flavor. I loved mixing it with my spinach. I also can't say enough about the salmon, quinoa, and asparagus. YUM. The salmon is cooked just right and well seasoned. The quinoa and asparagus were a great accompaniment. Another meal that was good is the steak, cilantro lime brown rice, and green beans. The steak is juicy and flavorful, and the green beans and cilantro lime brown rice went very well as sides. Like having a steakhouse dinner at my desk! I have bought Lean Cuisine in the past and this Fresh Food Delivery Service is WAY better. I would recommend it to others because it's convenient, tasty, and really makes eating healthy simple.

— Erika S.

I chose Fresh Food Delivery Service for me because I want to take healthy meals to work, that are quick and convenient and not loaded with preservatives. Before this, I ate salads, sandwiches and too much other stuff that was not good for me. I created these meals: Steak, green beans, sweet potatoes; salmon, asparagus, sweet potatoes; chicken, rice, green beans; and chicken, white potato, asparagus. I found them to be packaged nicely and I loved that it had my name on the package and exactly which meal it was and the portion sizes. The food looks and tastes great! My co-workers often ask me about my lunch because it looks and smells so good! My favorite meal(s) is steak, sweet potatoes and green beans! Since eating this food, I feel better about my work lunches, because I am not going to the cafeteria. Ordering was really easy and it was delivered quickly. This fresh food delivery service is different from Weight Watchers because you get more food, it tastes so much better, and it doesn't contain the preservatives. I would recommend this Fresh Food Delivery Service to others because it's easy, tastes wonderful, and most importantly, its healthy!

— Jen B.

The fresh food delivery chicken, brown rice, and broccoli is so good. The chicken is tender and lightly seasoned, and the broccoli is not mushy!! I also had the ground turkey, sweet potato mash, and asparagus. The turkey was well seasoned and the sweet potato mash wasn't overly sweet, and the asparagus was not over done or mushy! The meal reminded me of thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorites is salmon, brown rice, and asparagus - so flippin' good! The salmon is perfectly prepared, and is moist and tasty. And another meal - from basic to BAM!! Chicken, brown rice, and broccoli tastes great as is but I like it HOT!! Added some sriracha hot sauce and turned it up a couple of notches!! Who needs Chinese carry out!?!?

— Eileen H.

The turkey, sweet potato mash and asparagus was really good.  The turkey comes ground and seasoned.  The sweet potato mash - delicious!  Asparagus was a little crisp, just the way I like it.  Today I had the steak, white potatoes, and spinach. Steak is my favorite so far! I’m not sure what cut it is, but it was definitely a higher quality piece of meat. Potatoes were tasty. The tilapia, green beans, and brown cilantro lime rice is one of my favorite meals. The tilapia is delicious, and so is the brown rice. And yet another one of my favorites is the chicken, cilantro lime brown rice, and green beans!

— Nichole D.

I have to say I love this Fresh Food Delivery. I ordered 14 meals with the plan to take them to work for lunch. I have eaten the steak, ground turkey, and now the cod. It is all good. The cod was flaky and not fishy. The quinoa was cooked and seasoned perfectly. Green beans were crisp and tender, and so fresh-tasting. I love how the meals are packaged because you can throw them in the freezer and the label is showing - so easy to know what is in the container. After I freeze them, I just bring them into work and by the time I eat - thawed and still cold to nuke.  Perfect! I think the value is good. Mine varies between 5 and 7 dollars, which when you think about eating out you spend much more and it isn’t always healthy. I will for sure be ordering again.

— Shannon L.

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