Sue C.

Sue C.

I wanted to try DPL Therapy on my foot to see if it would help alleviate the pain caused by my bunion.  Ultimately I have to have surgery on my foot, this I know, but I’m not ready mentally or financially so I thought what the heck, let’s give this a try!!!

After just the first session, I noticed that the pain I usually have at night, right before I go to bed, was not there.  Before starting therapy, my foot acted up at the end of the day, but now on the days and a few days following therapy I have not had any foot discomfort at night!! Again, I know that this therapy won’t “fix” my issue but boy, not having my foot ache at night while I’m trying to fall asleep is AWESOME!!!! 

I’ve been doing DPL therapy on my foot since the end of February, and just recently completed my first ever half marathon. I was quite worried about my foot and how it would feel running that distance.  I was pleasantly surprised at how little it hurt after completing the half marathon.  I thank DPL Therapy for that as well!!

The cost of having this therapy doesn’t even compare to a doctor’s visit.  And I’ve never had physical therapy but I know it is very costly. I would highly recommend this to everyone that may have aches or pains that are not going away. This is very easy and convenient and affordable!!!!

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