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Runny Nose When Exercising

Do you get a runny nose when exercising, either in a gym working out or when you go running even if it isn’t cold outside or you aren’t suffering from allergies?

Why does my nose run when I exercise?

Rhinitis is when the nasal mucous membranes are inflamed.


Exercise, as well as the metabolic boost that it creates, makes your mucous membranes produce more mucous.  This additional mucous picks up inhaled particles of dust, but your body may produce more mucous than is needed, causing your nose to run and your eyes to water.

Exercise Induced Rhinitis

  • often occurs with runners or cyclists, however any exercise can provoke it
  • can be more prone in people who suffer from seasonal allergies
  • is not weather dependent – it can occur in warm or cold weather, and
  • athletes generally suffer from it more than people who don’t exercise regularly

What should you do if you have a runny nose when exercising? While common sense tells us to bring tissues, if it is very bothersome, you should seek medical advice from your physician or an allergist.