Matt L.

I have been taking Super L-Carnitine and Lipotropic Plus for about 10 days across 6 workouts. I’ve always been wary of supplements but Sharon has a fitness ethos I respect and trust. They are definitely making a difference in my energy level for my workouts. I have significantly more endurance[…]

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Kim B.

I have maintained a regular regimen with vitamins most of my adult life. I recently changed over to the Catalyst 4 Fitness brand multi-vitamins and within a few weeks my skin texture has improved. It doesn’t get as dry and seems more supple. My nails are healthier and growing like[…]

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Aimee J.

I chose to starting taking L-Glutamine because I was hoping it would cut a bit of soreness down. After taking it for just one day, I noticed that I had no soreness the next morning after my workout. I suggest that anyone who gets really sore after workouts, or has[…]

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