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5 Ways to Use Protein Powder

Protein is an integral part of a healthy diet. These 5 ways to use protein powder help make sure you get enough of it every day.

Keep in mind the type and brand of protein powder you take is important to helping you reach your goals. Do not go to the local health food store or grocery and buy whatever they have on the shelves. Do not buy because a celebrity endorses it. Do not buy because you recognize the brand from “somewhere” or because someone at the gym was talking about it.

All protein is not created equal.

Catalyst 4 Fitness Whey Protein

This is why I’ve introduced my own supplement line – to provide a high quality protein powder with research supporting its claims.

#1 – Before you workout

An hour before you exercise, mix protein with water or ice and water, to your desired consistency.  Some prefer 4 oz of water mixed in a shaker bottle, while others use ice and water in a blender.  You may choose to add some berries or 1/2 a banana.

#2 – After you workout

Within 60 minutes post-workout, you can make the pre-workout shake and then have a meal consisting of a lean protein and carbs 2 – 3 hours afterward.

#3 – Meal/Snack

Mix with water and microwave into a pudding.  Eat hot or freeze for 20 – 30 minutes.  Depending on your nutrition plan, you can fold in berries or nuts.

#4 – Meal/Snack

Mix with a high protein, low sugar yogurt.  Note that most Greek yogurts are high in sugar.  Choose different flavored yogurts so you don’t get tired of eating the same one day after day.

#5 – Bedtime Snack

Mix with low fat cottage cheese.  Use a spoon to blend it or whisk it to more of a mousse-type texture.

Two bonuses:

#6 – Meal/Snack

Mix with oatmeal.  Microwave old fashioned oats with water.  Stir in protein, adding more water if necessary.

#7 – Pancakes (one of my favorites)

Mix protein powder with egg beaters or egg whites, and water for consistency.  “Fry” like a pancake on a skillet over medium-high heat.  You can add old fashioned oats to the batter, or top with peanut butter.

Only certain types of protein will give you the consistency you want when baking so make sure you know what you are spending your money on.

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