Fit Biz In a Box

Press Release – Fit Biz In a Box Launches

Catalyst 4 Fitness Announces Fit Biz in a Box   Cincinnati, Ohio— March 10, 2022 — Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched Fit Biz In a Box, a comprehensive program for health and fitness professionals wanting to start a new business or scale up their current one.[…]

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Press Release announcement

How to Find Your Ideal Client

Before answering how to find your ideal client, we need to take a few steps backward. Does this sound familiar? Scenario A: You passed your certification test and are now an official personal trainer, group class or yoga instructor. You are ready to fulfill your dream of helping others get[…]

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five figures with one in the crosshairs, your ideal client

How to Build Your Business

Do you want to learn how to build your business quickly and make it bulletproof?  Are you an independent gym owner? Or do you want to be? Are you a personal trainer? Do you dream about having more clients? Do you want to hire more trainers? Do you want to[…]

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