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Your Easy Supplement Guide

Proper nutrition is key to achieving the physique that you want. When appropriate supplementation is added to your diet, you can often improve your performance, results, and overall well-being. This easy supplement guide has been designed to help you do just that.


The Essentials for active women and men include

FitTabs – a multivitamin for the active woman or man. Many users have been able to stop taking their additional vitamin supplements when they switch to these comprehensive time-released vitamins.

EFA Gold – a non-fishy tasting fish oil in softgel form to support cardiovascular health, immune system function, and much more.


A more Comprehensive approach includes

Quadracarn – ideal for anyone 35 years or older; gives you energy throughout the day, helps with fat loss, muscle building, and many more benefits.

Glutamine Select with BCAAs – to help you recover from any type of exercise, assist with injury recovery, and prepare you for your next physical activity.

Up-Lift – a caffeine-free pre-workout to help you push you physically and mentally through your workout.

Muscle Synergy – a caffeine-free pre-workout to give you a muscle pump, help you maintain your lean muscle mass, and provide protection against age-associated loss of muscle mass.

Muscle Provider – a high quality, whey protein that can be used in shakes, puddings, pancakes, and more. Ideal for breakfast or post-workout.

Ultimate Muscle Protein – a high quality casein and whey protein blend that can be used in shakes, puddings, pancakes, and more. Ideal for bedtime.


Depending on your immediate or long-term goals, I could recommend Creatine Select, Fast Up, Lean Out, or others, but this is on a case by case basis.

Contact me to learn more details about the products listed in this supplement guide, or about ordering and delivery of these products.



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