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Weight Loss Success – Tamara R

Real People. Real Progress. Real Weight Loss.


Tell us about yourself. My name is Tamara Ramer.   I’m 40 years old, and an account manager that sits at a desk all day, but in my younger years I was a four-year, varsity High School volleyball and basketball athlete from a rural school in northern Indiana. I then received the opportunity to play college volleyball at Northern Kentucky University.  After graduation, I played in several higher level women’s volleyball leagues around Cincinnati for 10 years, when I also began playing sand volleyball. During these years, I was working out and watching what I ate.  Then, in 2005, I stopped due to knee problems.  About eight months ago, I made the decision that if I was going to keep playing volleyball and enjoying bike rides with friends, I needed to change my lifestyle.  That was when I reached out to Sharon and started Boot Camp.  After two or three sessions I was hooked, and when Sharon opened her studio and I experienced Metabolic Explosion Training class, I decided that I also needed help with my diet.  I started following her Meal Plans and have had great success.  Working with Sharon is one of the best things I have ever done.

What were your initial goals? Every time someone asks me about my goals, I think back to when Sharon originally asked me to set a goal.  All I could think was that I wanted to be back to my college weight of 155 lbs.  Then I came back to reality, as I’m not 20 years old anymore, and I decided to shoot for 170-175.  Of course Sharon asked that next question – when do you want to achieve that weight?  I did not know, and she started recommending losing weight in a healthy way.  That was exactly what I wanted to do and is just one of the reasons why I recommend Sharon.

What changes did you make? I started with a session or two of Boot Camp and then changed to MET class when Sharon opened her studio.  At first I was only going to one MET class a week, but as Sharon added classes I was able to change my schedule around to take three classes a week.  Even with a few knee/hamstring problems, I have been able to attend class as Sharon has helped me modify the workouts.  This is one of the main reasons I like working with Sharon. She really knows her clients and helps them meet their goals by working through small setbacks like injuries.

For nutrition, the main thing for me was to stop going to fast food restaurants especially late at night.  It was nothing for me to stop by a Taco Bell at 11:30 pm and get something through the drive-thru.  I have finally changed the habit of “Oh, I’m hungry” and hop in the car to go and get something to eat.  I now will go to the cabinet and eat a protein bar, nuts, or even a protein shake. It is amazing the energy I have now compared to when I was eating all that fast food.

You’ve lost 40 lbs, dropped 7.3% bodyfat, and lowered your BMI by 5.6 points.  Looking back, what are your thoughts? WOW 40 lbs.! It’s hard to believe that I was walking around with an extra 40 lbs. on this body.  How lucky I am to have friends, family, and a trainer that have motivated me to make a change and stay with this new lifestyle.

What is your next goal? I have a few goals right now. I would like to lose a total of 50 lbs, drop another 5% of body fat, and to be able to do all push ups on my feet and none on my knees.

Did you think you’d have this much success? I was not sure that I would have this much success, but I knew I needed to do something if I wanted to keep enjoying life and playing the sports I love.

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being easy and 10 being hard, how hard has this been for you? In the beginning I would say it was a 3.  I was excited to go to Metabolic Explosion Training class as everything was new and the Meal Plan was easy to follow, and this is coming from a person who does not like to cook. The weight just started falling off, but then I hit my first goal and I started to veer off the Meal Plan as I was feeling good and summer was here.  Then I started some of my old habits and I would have to say that was when it jumped to a 7.  I was able to start getting back on track when I ordered Fresh Food Delivery service.  This provided meals to take to work without the worry of preparing food at home.  Then all I had to focus on were the evenings and weekends where I tended to eat whatever was put in front of me. Once I realized that I was not reaching my goal, I started back on the Meal Plan and finally hit my 40 lb goal.

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? I should have never let myself get lazy, or stopped exercising and watching my nutrition.  As the weight really goes on slowly and one day you wake up and wonder “When did I put on all this weight?” Then you try and do a push up and lo and behold you can’t do it — on your knees or let alone on your feet.  After a little over a year of working really hard, I have lost 40 lbs. of the 60 lbs. I gained over those lazy years, and I can complete 10 push ups the correct way.  I realize I don’t want to go back to those lazy years.

Are you still able to go out with friends and be social? Yes, I go out and adjust my Meal Plan to fit where I am going.

What do your family and friends say about the “new you”? Everybody loves the new me and they can’t believe I lost 40 lbs.   People have made skinny comments and that if I keep losing weight there will be nothing left to hug.  Also they cannot believe how dedicated I have been to working out and I just tell them its FUN!

What advice would you give to others who are hesitant to start?  Those who are having trouble committing?  Those who need accountability? Well the first step is always the hardest, but when you take this first step it is well worth it.  Why is it worth it?  Well, for me, having more energy, having people tell me I look “awesome”, and finally just feeling good about myself and what I have accomplished. If you never start working on your fitness you will never know what you may be missing out on.  Not only how you feel but the things you may miss out in life because you don’t have the energy to do all the activities that you want to.  Having trouble committing or being accountable to your fitness program, it always helps to find someone that helps motivate you to get on and stay on the program.

What is the best part about working with Sharon? Sharon is a great overall motivator.  She is knowledgeable about fitness and is willing to pass that knowledge on to others.  The MET Class workouts are always different, which makes them fun and challenging since you never know what you are going to walk into.  The other great thing about MET is that everyone can be on different fitness levels, as Sharon modifies the program to fit your individual abilities.

What is the worst part about working with Sharon? Unless you think that having someone motivate and improve your lifestyle, energy, and strength levels is bad, then Sharon’s programs are right for you.

Are there any other comments you would like to share? Start your fitness and nutrition plans today. All you have to do is take that first step which is the hardest. Talk to Sharon – she will listen and find the best plans for you.



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