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Weight Loss Success – Linda C

Real People. Real Progress. Real Weight Loss.


Tell us about yourself. I am 54 years old and have two grown sons. I have been married for 31 years. I like to be active in what I do. Whether it be gardening, purposeful festivals, bike riding, walking, reading. Fitness has always been a part of my life with the exception of 4 years when parental death, extreme stress, depression and menopause took front billing and stole my health. I work 50+ hours a week. I want to be defined by what I do for others, the positive attitude I have, and what I contribute.

What are your greatest fitness/health accomplishments so far? Since losing the weight and gaining strength, I have been able to walk a 10k in 1 hr 25 minutes. This is a personal best, ever!

What do you enjoy most about fitness/being healthy? The energy I maintain throughout the day. Looking in my shopping cart and seeing it close to 100% healthy. My husband has been a great supporter and eats the same dinner but has his own food needs.

What are your goals? My goal is to maintain a healthy weight for my age and height so I can continue to enjoy life to its fullest. To do away with my larger sizes permanently and to wear quality clothes that I have held onto because I never gave up hope. Ultimately I would like to do away with my anxiety/hypertension medication altogether. I have been able to reduce it since starting the Meal Plans.

What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Living life to its fullest…enjoying every part of every day

Did you think you’d have this much success? Yes! I was already seeing the results from Metabolic Explosion Training class. Once I set my mind to something I generally do not give up. Especially when the results have a positive effective on my total health. It does not hurt that others notice and actually say something.

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being easy and 10 being hard, how hard has this been for you? 3 I thought the most difficult would be giving up pop. Once I got over the initial withdraw, I have not missed it at all. I thought the preparation would be difficult, but while I am preparing my evening meal and I am getting breakfast, lunch and snack fixed for the next day. It all works together.

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? I did not realize that I was not eating enough.

Are you still able to go out with friends and be social? Yes but I look at my options differently. I no longer am tempted by fried foods or pop. I suggest places that provide better healthy options. Worse case, I use that time as my cheat meal. Our time together does not evolve around meals but around activities together.

If you have tried fitness and nutrition plans in the past, what did you try? Why didn’t they work? How is this plan different? I tried Atkins…..that got the weight off quick but it did not stay off because who does not like bread. I tried online Weight Watchers but you can eat anything as long as you do not exceed the points. I may have lost weight but I was not eating enough of the right foods. I went to calorie counting with Fitness Pal but again it left decision-making to me without guidelines. I knew what the rights choices were but I gave into temptations that used up the points or the calories. This Meal Plan works because there are guidelines that make sense. It takes into consideration your activity level along with reasonable goals. Filling your meal with the right foods reduces the temptations greatly!

What advice would you give to others who are hesitant to start? I was very hesitant myself but the results are proven. It works! It’s not just another ridiculous diet but a way of eating and living. Eating healthy daily does have a positive impact. I was eating healthy 60% of the time before I began. Now I am 95%…..I still have some temptations but they are fewer and further apart because I am satisfied each day. Those who are having trouble committing? Take it one day at a time and follow the Meal Plan because it works. Talk with Sharon about where you are having difficulty because she will provide guidance and suggestions. Those who need accountability? Following the Meal Plan brings accountability. It is perfectly laid out and there are opportunities for healthy substitutes if you need them.

What is the best part about working with Sharon? She is very supportive through MET and the Meal Plan. Even when you are having difficulty, she is a cheerleader.

What is the worst part about working with Sharon? She is invested in your success so if you are looking for flexibility/leniency, she will not make it easy for you. It is still your choice but no absolution here!

Any other comments you’d like to share. I wish I started the Meal Plan sooner. I like the way I feel and look. The best I have felt in years!



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