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Weight Loss Success – Angie M

Real People. Real Progress. Real Weight Loss.


Tell us about yourself. My name is Angie.  I just turned 50!   I moved to Cincinnati a little over 5 years ago with my husband of almost 23 years and our 3 children.  They keep us very busy.  I enjoy gardening, shopping, traveling, and being with family and friends.

What are your greatest fitness/health accomplishments so far? I started my focus on exercising about a year ago…I was walking 5 miles 4-5 times a week  I had lost some weight but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see.  After a summer trip, I saw a picture of me with my family and was mad at myself for letting my body/weight be as it was.  Things got crazy with school starting again, but in October I decided I needed to make more of a commitment, so I signed up for Boot Camp with Sharon.  I still attend Boot Camp twice a week and Metabolic Explosion Training class twice a week!  I am also doing Meal Plans with Sharon. I didn’t realize how much I needed to eat to lose the weight!    So far I have lost about 22 pounds from when I started June 2013.  Since starting Boot Camp in October, I’ve gone from a size 10 to 4.  I can see a difference in my arms, legs, booty, and stomach.

What do you enjoy most about fitness and being healthy? I have more energy, strength, and I feel good about how I look.  I have also met a lot of really nice people in the classes.

What are your goals? I still have about 15 pounds to reach my goal. I still have areas on my body to tone – inner thighs, stomach.

What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle? I know the plan I’m doing with Sharon is working!  When I run into people who haven’t seen me in a while and they ask me if I’m still walking my 5 miles.  I tell them that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and moved on to Boot Camp and MET and that I’ve started eating healthier on the Meal Plan.

Did you think you’d have this much success? No, I thought it would help me lose some weight and tone me a little.  When I joined Boot Camp in October, I thought this is going to kill me.  I could hardly move the next day!  BUT I did go back.  I did start to see the changes…my energy level went up, I felt stronger, I had compliments from my husband on how fit I looked, and I was losing weight!

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being easy and 10 being hard, how hard has this been for you? The exercise is a 2.  I love going to Boot Camp and MET!  The Meal Plan a 3 only because with a husband and 3 kids it’s a little more difficult.  They don’t always want to eat what I’m eating so I have to do my meal and one for them.   We also are at games and activities a lot so I try to pack my meals when I know it’s going to be a long day and they may eat out.

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? I don’t think I would change anything I just wish I had done it earlier!

Are you still able to go out with friends and be social? Yes.  I usually use these occasions as my “cheat” meal.

If you have tried fitness and nutrition plans in the past, what did you try? Why didn’t they work? How is this plan different? In the past I’ve done Jazzercise and walking.  These just did a little for me – no major changes.  With the nutrition I’ve just tried to watch what I eat, but nothing set in stone.  I wasn’t a breakfast eater which I know now is a very important meal to have.  On Sharon’s Meal Plan everything is there.  I just have to prepare it.  There is also a list to switch out which really helps.

What advice would you give to others who are hesitant to start? Those who are having trouble committing? Those who need accountability? I would tell them to just do it.  You aren’t going to know if it’s for you unless you try. Yes, it may be hard in the beginning, but it gets better. Not because it gets easier…your body will get stronger and you will have more energy.   AND after you see the results…you’ll be hooked!

What is the best part about working with Sharon? Sharon is committed to help her clients succeed.  She gives me the support I need when I need it, and she works with me on my crazy schedules to make it work for me.  She always challenges me to do more to make my body stronger and better.

What is the worst part about working with Sharon? When my legs are exhausted from doing Boot Camp and Sharon says, “Let’s do some burpees!” 🙂

Are there any other comments you’d like to share? I just want to say “Thank you, Sharon” for all the support you’ve given me to help me to continue to reach my goal.



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