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Turning Fat into Muscle

I’m often asked how long it will take for a client to turn fat into muscle.

That would be like a candy bar turning into a piece of chicken.


Muscle and fat are completely different types of tissue and can’t magically be transformed from one to another.

You can build or lose each, and your body composition will reflect this.  When muscles are not stimulated through exercise, they shrink and they may seem softer.  If you stop exercising and don’t lower your caloric intake to match your lower energy needs, the result is less muscle mass and extra calories being stored as fat which creates a shift in your body composition.  But if you drop your calories too low to try and compensate for no longer exercising, you will affect your metabolic rate which could cause you to still store fat.

Muscle is more dense than fat so in effect, it takes up less space on your body, but it doesn’t mean you have just turned fat into muscle.  This is why clothes start to fit better before you may see a change on the scale. Taking your bodyfat measurements tells us how much fat you have lost and muscle you have built.



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