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Tammy S.

Tammy S.

I had been struggling with staying motivated while gyms were closed due to covid-19, and not having a workout partner with like-minded goals / physical activity interests.

Sharon and the group provided me immediate comradery, accountability and encouragement.  I am now feeling more confident that I can get back into shape…and Sharon’s instruction has provided me with new ideas and options for my workouts.

I’m building strength, endurance and confidence in my ability to workout since I have been away from the gym for some time.  Additionally, I have learned about supplements that can enhance my workouts and help with recovery.

I also have more confidence and look forward to exercising, trying different workouts, and pushing myself harder. My biggest win so far is increased endurance and more stamina.

If someone else is feeling the same way I was, I would tell them to just start.  Sharon is a great motivator and fun to work with.