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Sean B.

Sean B.

I had never taken a Tabata class before taking Sharon’s class. I really enjoyed it, I like how intense it was. Sharon told us to push ourselves from the beginning and try to repeat that number of reps each set.  Yeah right, I pushed hard and by the end I was happy to reach half of my rep number, but I did push myself hard at the beginning to set a high number.

I loved this class. Sharon was right when she told us that if you weren’t tired by the end of the class, then you didn’t push yourself hard enough. For two days after the class, my legs and arms were so done! It was great!

I would take this class again and I highly recommend it if you want a high-pace, intense if you push yourself, workout. But you set your own goals during the class, so set them high!

I would tell others who are considering taking this class to do it! I always like trying something new. I feel it’s good for my muscles and changes things up to make it more fun. It’s a nice shock factor too, my body gets use to some of the exercises, and this wakes them up and keeps that metabolic rate up even after you’re done.