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Nichole H.

Nichole H.

I injured my lower back and was diagnosed with a bulged disc. I was so frustrated. The injury caused numbness in my left foot and leg, constant back pain, and stiffness.  I could hardly do any daily activities, things we often take for granted like leaning over to brush my teeth, and walking. It’s been depressing.  When you’re an active person and you can hardly do any physical activity (including simple daily ones) it’s tough on you.  I wasn’t permitted to workout in any capacity for quite some time.

I had been seeing the Orthopedic Doctor and had an epidural injection into my spine (this helped a lot!). I began physical therapy soon after and was making extremely slow progress. I’ve been working with Sharon for years (Boot Camp, MET Class, you name it) so I decided to start seeing her again, but this time for one-on-one Personal Training sessions.  We’ve been focusing on strengthening my core and glutes. I’m making a lot of progress now.  It’s been nice too because we’re slowly incorporating legs and arms to my workout. After each session I notice less stiffness, and I’m getting my strength back.

If you are injured like I was, I am here to tell you that it is no joke, for sure.  You need to know that you must consistently work on strengthening your core and your glutes to protect your spine.  Knowing my injury, Sharon has helped me to customize a workout that is helping me tremendously.  I highly recommend it!