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Michelle E.

Michelle E.

My name is Michelle Ellis and I’m a recovering food alcoholic.  I have been working with Sharon for a full year now mostly in personal training, but recently in MET class too.  When I first started this journey I was excited and nervous about the huge task ahead. I was needing to lose 100 plus lbs. and starting such a process is a very daunting thought.  I found my first day with Sharon to be challenging but rewarding.  I was glad she was not hesitant or reluctant to help me.  I made a promise to myself in 2018 to turn my life in a more positive direction so I can be healthy for my grandchildren and enjoy my retirement to the fullest!

Fast forward one year and I have lost 50 lbs. While I am less than 50 % away from my ultimate goal, my everyday life is forever changed.  I no longer look for the closest parking spot at the mall.  I can get up off the floor without help.  I can climb steps with ease.  I used to struggle to walk a mile.  Now I could do 5 if I wanted.  Everything has changed for the better.  My body is a work in progress for sure.  I am so happy to be much stronger also.  Picking up my mulch bags were no problem this year.  My A1C has gone down significantly into a non-pre-diabetic range.  I was very close to be being a full fledged diabetic.  My blood pressure is completely under control with less medication.  My goal is now to get healthier.  I’m sure the 70 lbs I still want to lose will follow.  I try to think about living my best life and still balance a well rounded fun life.

The best thing about working with Sharon is that she is always on time and always prepared.  She is one of the most reliable people I have ever met.  She is completely committed to her profession.  The worst part of working with Sharon is that she has to charge for her services. That being said, because I had made such a big money commitment I never wanted that money to go to waste so I always showed up no matter what!  I found out later that consistency is the key to success in this process.

In the past I tried a lot of quick fixes that didn’t work.  I always lost 20 pounds and then gained 30.  I used her Online Nutrition Coaching app and it gave me a great guideline to follow.  I was not perfect all the time but learned a ton about how much protein to carbs to vegetable portions work best for balancing my meals.  I would tell others who are hesitant to start not to be afraid.  Everyone has excuses and reasons to fail but you need to take the leap for yourself.  You matter!  It is a very gradual process not a scary process.  I really can say I never felt deprived of food.  I never felt like “poor me”.  I never understand what people meant when they said they made a lifestyle change but now I get it!  Wish me luck!  I’m on my way!