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Karen H.

Karen H.

I’m 61 and have been working with Sharon for a couple of years. Exercise is important to me because my mother’s quality of life was severely compromised by heart disease during her later years so I have a genetic predisposition for heart disease, as well as high blood pressure. Being active and controlling my weight are important for me to prevent the heart disease that runs in my family.

About two years ago, my friend told me about Sharon’s Boot Camp. I decided to try it and started going once a week. What I really like about Sharon’s training is that it is a total body workout…it is hard, but do-able at your personal best. After about 8 months, I added a Metabolic Explosion Training class. These are very effective workouts in a moderate amount of time. I can make myself finish, because each move is 40 seconds and Sharon really motivates you to finish.

Before doing Sharon’s classes I was beginning to feel some discomfort in one of my knees and one of my shoulders. I was attributing these aches to “aging”. After 4 weeks of class, these discomforts went away – strengthening the muscles has been such a benefit.

Because I enjoy strength training with weights, I have also had Sharon provides me with an effective online fitness program using hand weights and body weight. I do these 2 to 3 times a week at home.

Since working with Sharon, I have more energy and stamina. My sleeping patterns have improved. I have even made Sharon’s brag board on several occasions. But I can honestly say that I cannot believe I can do a push up! In fact I can do 25 push ups at a time. I never thought I would see this day.

In addition, I have maintained my health goals. About 3 years ago, the high blood pressure that runs in my family, hit me. With only a low dose anti-hypertension medication and consistent exercise and weight management, and a healthy diet, I have controlled my blood pressure. Also in the past year, I have reduced my overall cholesterol by 28 points.

Now, I like that I am feeling good, having energy, sleeping well, and looking forward to the day.

Sharon gives us very effective workouts in a moderate amount of time. She ensures that you perform the move to get the most out of the exercise. I love the variety. Sharon keeps it fun and is very motivational.